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Thursday, July 10, 2014

'Basketball Wives' Star Tami Roman Speaks About Her New TV Role In "Extant"

Tami Roman Takes On New Role

If you happened to catch the series premiere of Halle Barry's new CBS show 'Extant', you have might seen Tami Roman. She plays the best friend of Halle Berry's character on the show.

She speaks to Yahoo about joining a TV show that is not reality TV

"I think Halle understands the world that I come from. She was familiar with me being an actress for the past 15 years and then making a return to reality TV and a lot of people not understanding," Roman tells Yahoo TV. "'She may have started on reality, but she's been working successfully as an actress for 15 years, andBasketball Wives is not indicative of her body of work.' She knew the scrutiny that I came under for Basketball Wives, and I think she just wanted to help me get back into scripted programming and be classed as acting rather than [in] the reality aspect of things."

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