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Friday, March 21, 2014

Black Ink Crew's Alex Estevez Now Wants 3 Million For Alleged Roofied Drink Incident

Reality: RadarOnline reports Black Ink Crew star now wants 3 million in damages for the alleged roofied drink she was given in season 1. She initially filed a lawsuit aginst vicom claiming that Oh Shit caused her to blackout by slipping her a date rape drunk in her drink given by the producers.

She says that the producers edit the show to make her look like a slut and she felt violated. 

“Mr. Duncan entered the room with the can of Red Bull already in his possession. I did not have more than two drinks up to that point….Shortly after drinking from the cup Mr. Duncan poured into, I blanked out. My recollection of that night is based upon what people have told me, and obviously the video that was later aired.”
Estevez’s affidavit continued, “I never consented to be drugged as I apparently was. No one believed me and subsequent episodes of the show depicted me as a liar. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one who had the experience.”

Friday, January 17, 2014

Black Ink Crew's Ceaser responds To Alex's Lawsuit

Calls Alex A Drunk Slut

Reality:  Ceaser is responding the lawsuit that Alex filed claiming that the producers set her up to look like a slut on TV. She claims that someone handed her a drink that had date rape drug in it and she couldn't remember a thing.  Alex is suing for $1 million.

Ceaser is responding to her lawsuit and says that he is not buying her story and that she was under the influence.

"Ain't no one give her s**t. She was drunk off Henny. You can see from her behavior no one gave her any drugs, or tried to make her anything she's not."

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

'Black Ink Crew' Star Alex Estrevez Suing Producers For Making Her Look Like a "Slut"

Photo: VH1

Alex Files Lawsuit

Reality:  ''Black Ink Crew 'star is filing a lawsuit against the producers for basically setting her up to act like a slut on the show. Remember last season when she hit on Ceasar? TMZ  reports that someone from the production handed her a drink which a 'date rape drug' in it.  She claims she could not remember a thing. She is suing for battery and wants 1 Million from them.

Here are her tweets:

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