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Friday, May 30, 2014

Ariane Davis: "You Won't Be Seeing My Relationship On Love and Hip Hop': Atlanta "

Ariane Talks Being Bisexual

Reality: In a new interview with Rolling Out, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member reveals to likes to keep things mysterious and does not like to be too overexposed when it comes to reality TV. We saw her in the first episode this season where she briefly talked about being in a relationship with a female DJ. She says she likes to keep her love off of reality TV

'This is why I am taking my time with really letting people get to know who Ariane is. I’m not pushing myself on people or forcing anything on people. Everything that I’m doing and how I’m marking my territory in this reality world, I’m doing it strategically and how I wanna do it. That’s what people really love about me. There’s still a mysteriousness to me and a lot of people don’t have that mystery anymore.'

In the inteview she also disusses about Mimi's sex tape 

'Kind of freaked me out when I saw it because I know my friend. I know that Mimi has so much potential and can do so many other things. And she already has a platform. So I didn’t understand—if it was purposely done, why? You were already here. It wasn’t like this was your first merry-go-round or your first season. Why couldn’t something else have been thought of?'

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

PICS: Here Is What Ariane New Girlfriend Toni Looks Like

Ariane's Chick

Reality: First off, the season 3 premiere of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta aired last ight with its highest rated premiere to date. 2.9 million viewers watched the premiere last night. 

One of the topics on last night's episode was Ariane revealing to Mimi and Erica that she has  anew boo name Toni and now pic has surfaced of the two of them together.

Do you think Ariane could do better? I wonder is she will appear on the show

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mimi's Friend Ariane Davis Talks "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta (Season 2)

Ariane Davis, who is Mimi's friend on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta was on blogtalkradio this past week and she talks about the upcoming 2nd season of the show. We also learn more about her and hints she will be getting more screen time for season 2. During the interview, Mama Jones called in.

Credit for this interview goes to @vh1info and @toribleu

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