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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ray-J Explains His Side Of The Nightclub Fight With Bad Azz

We heard Bad Azz side of the story when he called The Breakfast Club, now Ray-J is speaking out about in a TMZ interview. He says there is no beef and he felt like he had to defend himself.  He also says he does not recall calling Suge Knight's niece a "fat bitch."

Ray-J will be hosting the Bad Girls Club: All Star Battle coming this summer to Oxygen. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Rapper Bad Azz Speaks About Ray-J Fight

Rapper Bad Azz is speaking out about the Ray-J fight that happened in Club Nokia in downtown LA earyy Friday night. The fight happened after Ray-J called Suge Knight's niece a "fat bitch"

“I probably seen him twice since about ’05 when he got me jumped by Suge Knight,” . “A little while before that me and Ray J used to be friend. He was really cool with Suge. Really showed Suge my message. And me and Suge had been cool. We talked before that. So I guess that kinda pissed him off. When he saw me at the club in Vegas talking to Kurupt, I’m thinking me and Suge peaches and cream…Took me to the side and him and his homies put they hands on me.”

“I seen him taking pictures and smiling so I kinda sat back. I knew he didn’t see me. I didn’t have nobody with me at the time but my little date…So I ran outside, got my uncle who was with me, who I knew gonna squad with me, didn't tell not one other person on Earth. He didn't get jumped. It wasn't nothing like that,” “I told my uncle that was with me, I said 'Unc, next time I see Ray J pass me I'm taking off. Light work.’ Soon as he walked by me, I threw a couple to the head. I respect him this one bit because he tried to fight back a little bit. But it wasn't nothing. His homies helped him.”

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