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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Poprah Talks About VH1's New Show Big Girls Club

You might remember Poprah from the two seasons of I Want to Work For Diddy. She was the breakout star of the show, Well she confirmed that will be working on VH1's new show "Big Girls Club" which is basically VH1's version of Bad Girls Club. She says that she is casting girls for the show, which will be airing later this year. She also talks about her makeup line

Monday, December 13, 2010

Casting Info For VH1's "Big Girls Club"

(Bad Girls Club)

“Step aside skinny bitches, the spotlight isn’t big enough for the both us. Big girls don’t cry… they freakin’ party!”

We have previously announced that VH1 is developing a show featuring plus size women. Well we have more information on it. This VH1 show will be inspired by Oxygen's Bad Girls club. It's basically like Bad Girls Club with plus size women.

The show will be produced by the same producers who produced MTV's Jersey Shore and VH1's My Big Friggin Wedding. 

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