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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Blue Ivy's Hair Sparks An Online Petition... SMH

Do People Have A Life?

Celeb:  I feel the need to make  a blog post out of this because this does not mane any sense whatsoever. Recently, a picture of Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy has surfaced and it shows her daughter's hair looking unkept. It sparked an uproar on social media about how her looked.  People have had difefrent opinions about it. Some accused Beyonce of not taking care of her daughters, and other's didn't see any problem.

While it's cool to have an opinion, it's not cool to start a petition just because you're concern with a toddlers hair and kid is not even your's!

A female name Jasmine Toliver started a ridiculous petition on basically telling Beyonce to comb her daughters hair. Do people have any common sense anymore? What if her daughter just woken up from nap or Beyonce fixed up her hair after this photo was taken? How can you judge on one photo and just assume Beyonce does not take care of her daughter's hair?

You even have reality stars like Tamar Braxton and Keke Wyatt having their thoughts on it

Tamar quotes

“It just needs some product. That’s it. No shade,” she said. “I have a nephew who has really, really curly hair like this. It ain’t that bad.” 


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