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Monday, October 5, 2009

Broke and Famous coming to VH1

VH1 will explore the underbelly of celebrity via the one-off specialBroke and Famous, premeiring Thursday, Nov. 5 at 10/9c, and starringWillie AamesofCharles in ChargeandCelebrity Fit Club. Details in the press release below:

VH1 will chronicle the journey of Willie Aames, a once rich and successful celebrity who descended into poverty, as he works to transform and rebuild his life. The 1-hour special presentationBroke and Famous: Willie Aamespremieres Thursday, November 5 at 10pm.

As a young star on two of the most popular shows on television, Willie Aames lived the good life, enjoying both wealth and fame. But he is now faced with the prospect of losing his house, his possessions, and his family, after making a series of bad financial choices and living beyond his means. With no acting roles in sight, Willie is in dire straits with no plan to pull himself out of his situation. Enter Sarano Kelley, a tough, no-nonsense financial guru and life coach who will be tasked with giving Willie the wake-up call he needs and helping him to reshape his financial futurebefore it's too late.

"Willie Aames is a well-known figure with a story that's both compelling and, for many Americans, sadly relatable," said Jeff Olde, EVP Original Programming and Production, VH1. "Willie has the additional challenge of being a public figure, but we believe that viewers can connect with his efforts to transform his life."

Willie Aames charmed audiences in the role of Tommy Bradford on the seriesEight Is Enough. He followed that role by starring as side-kick Buddy Lembeck opposite Scott Baio on the hit seriesCharles in Charge. Recently, Aames also appeared on VH1'sCelebrity Fit Club 2andCelebrity Fit Club 6: Boot Camp.

Sarano Kelley is the author of the book,The Game - Win Your Life in 90 Days. A self-made man, he entered Vassar College at 16 years old and was earning $400K in commission as a stockbroker on Wall Street by the time he was 23. As a motivational speaker and life coach, Sarano has trained more than 250,000 people.

credit: vh1info

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