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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New York's New Reality Show Is Called "Ratchet Queens"

'Ratchet Queens" Coming Soon

Reality News: You can say that this is kinda of an exclusive. No other blog has reported this as of yet. I've been doing some digging last night and found out the title of New York's new upcoming reality show. The show is called "Ratchet Queens" and to me the show kinda sounds like a Bad Girls Club type show.

She has been filming her new reality show this summer and was officially signed on to do the project. She also did an Instagram video and here are some tweets of folks talking about the show.

So the premise of the show is unclear but anything with the word ratchet in it is entertaining right? 

Friday, August 16, 2013

K. Michelle's New Spin Off Show To Be Called " No New Friends"

Reality News: K. Michelle has announced the title of her new VH1 spin-off during a performance is Delaware last night. According to  All Hip Hop, her new show will be called "No New Friends". I think it's perfect title for her.

Last week, she started filming 'Love and Hip Hop: NY'. She revealed that she will only be on the show to introduce her new show ( which I already knew) and for drama, she tweeted that we will NOT see her on camera arguing with anyone even though her and Erica Mena sub-tweeted each other with their little beef last week. 

Her debut album Rebellous Soul is expected to make good sales. 

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