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Thursday, April 27, 2017

VIDEO: Loni Love Addresses The Twitter Feud With K. Michelle On 'The Real'


 Loni Love Addresses K. Michelle's Tweets

Loni Love is responding to her twitter feud with K. Michelle that happened last week when Angela Yee was co-hosting. The drama started when Angela Yee talked about that infamous interview she has with K. Michelle at The Breakfast Club last year where K. Michelle went off at her. 

K. Michelle went on rant on twitter this past weekend calling Loni Love 'roast beef' and other names.


Loni Love explains that she wanted to get Angela Yee's side of the story and said she had the time of her love with K. Michelle's tweets

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

K. Michelle Gets Allegedly Banned From Radio Stations

K. Michelle Banned From Radio Stations?

There have rumors that K. Michelle has been allegedly banned from radio stations called Radio One due to bailing out promotional events for the radio station. According to the radio station's website  the executives have yanked out all of her music for their playlists.

 Several Radio One executives spoke to and confirmed that you will no longer hear any songs by K.Michelle—past, present or any artist that features her on a collaboration—due to her bailing on several Radio One promotional events while she was in the Washington, DC earlier this month.

There have been conspiracy theories that Angela Yee might have played a part after K. Michelle went in at her on the Breakfast Club early this month

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

VIDEO: K. Michelle Goes In At Angela Yee During The Breakfast Club Interview

 K. Michelle vs Angela Yee

Social media went crazy today when k. Michelle was at The Breakfast Club this morning to promote her new album "More Issues Than Vogue" when she went off at host Angela Yee for bringing a shady question about her 'hot pocket'. The drama started when Maino and Uncle Murd were on the show last week and Angela bought a comment about the smell o K.Michelle's hot pocket. K. Michele confronted her about during the interview


My thing with you is, the fact that you are friends and family of the label. You was at my listening party. You knew that album was coming out. You know how the media attacked me. So you know, any negative headline, that they can put up about me to overshadow my music, it’s what they do.

What you did was fucked up, next topic….You brought that up, not him, [and not him] and at the end of the day I ain’t fucking with you for that, so let’s move on.

Angela Yee took took twitter indicating that Love and Hip Hop cameras were rolling

Thursday, January 21, 2016

'K. Michelle: My Life (Season 2) OFFICIAL TRAILER

Photo/ Youtube

Season 2 Trailer

VH1 has released the official trailer for the 2nd season of 'K. Michelle: My Lie' which premieres next Monday right after Stevie J and Joseline's new show. This season we see K.Michelle in LA instead of New York working on her 3rd album. She is also looking for Caucasian man to be with. He gay assistant is also back with her. We will also get introduced K. Michelle childhood friends back in Tennessee. Joseline and Karlie Redd both make appearances yet again.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

K. Michelle Announces She Returning To 'LHATL' For Season 5

K. Michelle Returning to 'LHATL'

It looks like K. Michelle will be coming back Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta for the upcoming 5th season. She recently announced the news on stage at one of her concert  K. Michelle left the show back in season 2 to focus on her music. We are looking forward to see her back the show that put her on the map.

Her spin-off will be coming back in January for a 2nd season. 

Here is the  Video

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

VIDEO: K. Michelle Reveals She Is Reducing Her Butt Size For Acting Roles

"I Want My Normal Shape Back"

In an exclusive interview with B Scott K. Michelle has revealed that she going under the knife again.. butt this time to reduce her butt size in hopes of gaining acting roles.  She references Tyrese in her interview about getting rid of her butt shape so she won't be typecasted in roles.

Here is part of the interview

 “I have like movies and different things [I’m working on], and I was having a real conversation with Tyrese — we’re really like great friends. I was telling him about my butt, how I hate being typecasted because my bottom is so heavy — not saying I don’t love myself, but…you know. 
For me, I want my normal shape back.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

SIP TEA: K. Michelle Blasts Actor Idris Elba In Alleged E-Mail

K. Michelle Allegedly Blasts Idris Elba

An alleged rumored e-mail was leaked out today from the website K. Michelle allegedly wrote an an e-mail to British actor Edris about her moving forward from him. As you all know, there have been reports that she was involved in a relationship from him and her album was about him.

In the e-mail she writes that she wasn't sure that she was in love with him

Hey Denzel, Guess what?!? I don’t hate you any more. And I don’t want to destroy you or the penis that was inside of me. I made a vow to myself that I would never contact you again because I feel as if my friendship was taken for granted but I drank a bottle and honesty is what I am all about tonight. I miss your face in my hot pocket. I don’t want to further incriminate you and I know you probably don’t trust me but I don’t want to further incriminate you.I don’t know if I was in love with you but I feel like you were sent to me to show me that I deserve better than basketball players. More than anytime I miss the encouragement of my friend. Yes, I wrote my album about you but that’s what I do but I have to write about the things that affect me because not many things affect me. I date, I screw, I conquer, I am over it. You inspired and made me to write songs. Sorry if my selfishness and convenience may have affected your family. I questioned myself a million times as to if I was doing the right thing but I felt you never questioned yourself as to if you were doing right by me. I guess I am the story of every angry black woman, but the difference is, I don’t want to see you destroyed and through every interview if you noticed, I never wanted to destroy you as a person and a man. This is not an attempt to get you back, but more to cleanse my soul. I know it’s going to take time for you to trust me again and for me to trust you, but I just want to get to a place of healing and move past this in a mature fashion. I am not expecting a response via email, however, I would like to say these things to you on the phone. My phone number is 310-XXX-XXX. Wishing you all the best and continued success.
And PS, you didn’t have to block me on Instagram like I did you ????????????????????????????????????. Best, K. Michelle

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 2.54.31 PM

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Social Media Drags K. Michelle After She Says Only Dates Caucasian Men

Twitter Drags K. Michelle

K. Michelle is getting a little of heat after a long post she made on her Instagram pagesaying she wants a Caucasian men and that she really isn't into black men right now. She also goes on to say that she 'now free' and she only listens to country and rock music and wants the urban blogs to stop reporting about her. She also went in on her haters.

Here is part of her message

"I love me a handsome Caucasian man, I’m really not into black men right now. They can date outside their race , so can I!!! Where im from gangstas don’t tweet beef and I actually love the size of my azz. I believe hateful instagram comments are for ugly girls who are losers. I believe I’m not black or white but I’m actually a mermaid. I believe there is no talent required to be in the music industry. I believe the color of my skin shouldn’t determine the genre of my music! I believe it’s ok for me not to give a f**k anymore. I believe I’m supposed to motivate those I can. I believe In the power of a smile."

Here are some Twitter reactions from people


Monday, August 24, 2015

K. Michelle Becomes First Black Woman Ambassador For Jack Daniels

 K. Michelle Becomes Ambassador

A congrats is in order for singer K. Michelle. She has revealed she is the ambassador for Jack Daniels making her the very first black person to endorse the product.

She announced it on Instagram saying that she been wanting to endorse the company since she got her record deal with Atlantic record two years ago.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Azealia Banks Slams K. Michelle Over Cancelled Tour

K. Michelle and Azealia Banks' Tour Cancelled

It looks like K. Michelle and Azaelia Banks beef. They were supposed to go on tour together when it cancelled. Azealia Banks tweeted that she got an- -mail from her team saying that wasn't able to do the tour this fall.

This set up a fire storm with the two of them on twitter. K.Michelle denies that her tweets were directed towards her.

Monday, July 13, 2015

PICS: K. Michelle On Set Filming 'K. Michelle: My Life: Season 2

Photo/ Twitter

K. Michelle Filming Her Show

K. Michelle has posted pics of her on set filming the 2nd season of VH1 show 'K. Michelle: My Life' which premieres later this year

She also announced that she will be going on tour with rapper Azalea Banks. The tour dates have been announced

Monday, June 29, 2015

K. Michelle Fires Back At Coko Over BET Awards Performance

"BET Did Not Ask You"

Now that K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton has squashed their beef when they performed together at last night BET awards, it looks like K. Michelle has found a new enemy.... SWV member Coko.

It all started when Coko's followers tweeted to her she should have been the on performing on stage with Patti Labelle and Coko began to RT all the tweets.

K. Michelle responded on twitter saying BET did not ask her and shaded her teeth

Coko's response

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Toya Wright's Husband Memphitz Is Wanted For Armed Robbery... Footage

Memphitz Wanted For Armed Robbery

Toya's husband and K. Michelle's ex Memphitz is back in the news! It has been reported that he robbed a car wash in Atlanta after he accused an employee by the name of Harold Huntey for stealing weed from his car. There is also footage of incident. The video shows Harold Huntey trying to get away from Memphitz as he pulled a gun at him. That's when the car wash tried to call the police when Memphitz his cell phone and ran. 

The police did found his vehicle, the gun and the stole  cell phone. Now there  is a warrant for his arrest.

Watch video


K. Michelle Calls Out Draya Michele and Confirms She Is Performing With Tamar Braxton At BET Awards

Photo/ BET

Draya vs K. Michelle

  'Basketball Wives LA' star Draya Michele and K. Michelle both appeared on this program called BET post show this past Wednesday. Draya was there to promote her Tv One movie Will To Love'  and K. Michelle was there to talk about her upcoming performance at the 2015 BET awards which airs this Sunday.  Well people twitter started to tweet the the two looked very uncomfortable sitting next to each other. That is when the host started to question if there was any tension between them.  That's when K. Michelle called out Draya about a tweet made she made a while back saying that K. Michelle was 'unattractive' . Draya responded by saying she does not remember saying that.

You can watch the video Here

and of today, K. Michelle has confirmed on Twitter that she will be performing with Tamar Braxton att he 2015 BET Awards and says that she has ended her long fued with her.


Thursday, May 28, 2015

K. Michelle Says 'K. Michelle: My Life' Season 2 Will Be 'More Honest"

K. Michelle Talks Season 2

K. Michelle is speaking for the first time of what can we we expect on the upcoming 2nd season of 'K. Michelle: My Life". She did an exclusive interview with in the interview, she says that she will 'more honest' about herself in season 2 and open up skeletons in her closet.   Season 1 focused more on her music and other characters.

“It’s nothing like the first season already. After the last one, they asked people their opinions on me, and everybody said, we love her, she’s one of the biggest stars on VH1. But we still didn’t get more of what we wanted in knowing her on Season 1,” K. Michelle explained. “I made it more focused on the characters, the friends, because there were still things I was hiding. Now, I don’t give a f—k. I’ve been so open about inner issues and things that have been haunting me, and I’m coming clean about the skeletons in my closet.”

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Singer Jaguar Wright Goes In At K. Michelle For Singing Leela James' Song At Yandy's Wedding

Jaguar vs K. Michelle

K. Michelle sparked another twitter beef and this time it's singer Jaguar Wright. This past Monday, VH1 aired Yandy and Mendeeces' weddings special and K. Michelle sang from Leela James called "Fallin For You". Jaguar Wrigth took to instagram too announce her disapproval of K. Michelle singing the song.

"How did this get cleared? I need to hear my [girl] Leelee sang this on TV! Not #kmichelle ... no disrespect but don't she got her own love songs? Or, were they just not good enough? No shade! Just blinding light! At least it will bring awareness to a truly inspiring project! Sorry this one caught me off guard..."

Of course K. Michelle responded back

Why are you so bothered? I checked your Wikipedia, and you don't have many reciepts. Are you mad because you never really made it? Serious question. Me and Leela are great and both have the same management. Yandy loved the song, and Leela being supportive let me sing it. There's nothing wrong with showing love. Until you get two #1 albums and a couple of top ten records, you should focus on how to get there after all these years. Stop being so messy and damn opinionated when you're no one to talk. Don't create issues from your house. You should see another black woman, shut the f*ck [up] and salute. Oh your response isn't needed. I've been booked for three days now, so I need to go to sleep so I can travel back to my new 3 million dollar home. Not bad huh? Good night dirty back pack. Express your thoughts and all that deep sh*t. I don't care, [cause you're] blocked, and this is the most action [you've] gotten on your page in years."

Talk about a serious read, right?

"P.S., oh no, I don't have a wedding song yet, but my songs are good enough to sell out theaters, not cafes."

The Shade Room

Friday, April 17, 2015

K. Michelle Gets TV Special On Centric

Photo/ Instagram

'Being K. Michelle'

We will be seeing a lot more of K. Michelle for the remainder of 2015. Not only will she make a guest appearance on the fourth season of 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' , she will also have a TV special that will be airing on Centric
called Being K. Michelle . She has announced her new show on Instagram including K. Michelle: My Life which will come back for season 2 this fall and another VH1show called K. Michelle Players Court.


Saturday, April 11, 2015

HOT TEA: Memphitz Loses Defamation Case To K.Michelle

Memphitz Loses Case

It has been reported today that K. Michelle and Mona Scott Young has won their lawsuit against Memphitz for speaking ill about him on 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' If you remember on the first season, K. Michelle said that she was abused by her manager and boyfriend at the time Memphiz. He then filed a lawsuit against her , mona and Viacom.

ALSO, The Shade Room has spilled some tea. The site reports that Memphiz admitted to smothering K. Michelle with a pillow and also made threats to her son.

Not only did he lose but he had to admit to some key things. For instance, K. Michelle accused Memphitz of sending her text messages threatening to kill her son. Memphitz denied these texts at first but later admitted to them in his DEPOSITION.Most importantly, he admitted to smothering K. Michelle’s mouth with a pillow/hand to keep the noise down during their hotel fight which makes sense that K would think he was trying to kill her at the time. 

UPDATE: Memphitz took it to Instagram denying everything, saying he is going 'to prove it'

somebody must've got paideezy unda the tableeezy. & im gonna prove it. #RUNotEntertained#bc I am. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

K.Michelle Responds To Tamar Braxton Crying On 'The Real' About Looking Like A Muppet

Tamar Braxton Cries On 'The Real' About Bullying

The women on 'The Real' has a discussion about bullying that aired yesterday and Tamar Braxton broke down in tears for the muppet comment K. Michelle made to her. Tamar did not say her name but it was obvious she was referring to her. 

K. Michelle responded on twitter saying basically saying 'every action, there is a reaction'

Monday, February 23, 2015

K. Michelle Goes In At Nicki Minaj Stans For Receiving Flowers From Her EX

K Michelle Goes in At The Barbs

K. Michelle is back with another social media beef and this time it's with Nicki Minaj stans. Ever since she made that video twerking Nicki's ex Safari's song, there have been rumors that she is dating him. well over the weekend,s he received flowers from him while she had surgery.

She wrote on her Instagram page

"Woke up from my surgery yesterday and got my favorite flower. Very sweet. Thanks to @sbstunts much respect that was real. Thanks to everyone who called and text to make sure I was good. I'm up, blessed, and ready to sing. #chill #noshade #nodramastopmakingit#hesmyfriend # #hotpocketisclosed#gummybearsaremyfsvorite #letmelive #ohiwilllive"

after that post many of Nicki's fans accused her of being "messy" . K. Michelle clapped back by responding to The Shade Room

K. Michelle's Response on The Shade Room's Instagram Page

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