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Friday, July 4, 2014

Reality News: Stevie J Says Joseline Cheated On Him With Other Rappers

If this for another storyline? Stevie J has revealed that he is done with Joseline and claims that she cheated on him with other rappers.

TMZ reports Stevie J discovered that Joseline was cheating on her with several rappers, one of them rumored to be Rick Ross.

I gather up some tweets and Joseline went off on twitter claiming she also fucked Drake.

Mona Scott Young is probably giggling right now.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rasheeda Explains Why She Stayed With Kirk After He Cheated On Her "I Make Mistakes, He Makes Mistakes"

Rasheeda On Why She Stayed

Reality: Rasheeda is coming clean about why she stayed with Kirk Frost after she;s been put up with so much shit from him this season and last season.

She tells

“People make mistakes and bad things happen. I make mistakes; he makes mistakes,” Rasheeda explained. “Sometimes you have to step back and you have to say, ‘OK, let me reevaluate this situation.’ That doesn’t always mean divorce.”

“If you decide that you can’t take anymore, make your decision, but don’t let anyone else make it for you,” said Rasheeda, who added that her decision to stay isn’t a pass for Kirk to continue messing around without consequence. “Will I take some more sh*t? There’s no room for error!”

Do you agree?

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