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Monday, October 13, 2014

VIDEO: Christine From 'Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas' Spills Serious Tea On The Producers!

Are BGC Producers Messy?

Do the Bad Girls Club? producers hold these girs hostage? I always thought the producers of this show are the messiest producers I've seen on any reality show and Christine has proven that. You might remember Christine from season 8 Las Vegas who came to the house with Camilla and then left on the same day. She was jumped, bullied, and attacked by the other girls. Season 8 was one of the worst seasons but I digress. She did an interview back in July spilling some tea on the producers.

When she told the producers she wanted to leave, they threatened to sue her for millions of dollars

She initially locked herself in the cab. When the cab driver was supposed to drive her to airpor,t  she overheard the driver's walkie talkie of one of producers telling the driver to UNLOCK the door so the girls can attack her.

Cab fight scene

She also says if no one 'pops off' the producers don't pay the girls for that week. 

Check out her interview here

and I thought Mona Scott Young was messy.

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