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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Benzino's Nephew Denied Bail For Shooting Him

benzino nephew
(The Patriot Ledger, Greg Derr, Pool)

Benzino's Nephew Bail Denied

Reality: Benzino's 36 year old nephew Gai Scott has been denied bail after shooting Benzino over weekend on his way to his  mother's funeral. 

According to Masslive the judge ordered him to remain in custody. JHis lawyer says he acted in self  defense; however, the prosecutor says he endangered people and police found no evidence Benznio was armed. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tameka Raymond Custody Denied Of Her Son

Usher Tameka hug in courtroom

Custody Denied

Celebrity News: Tameka Raymond was denied temporary custody of her son Usher V after the pool accident last week. 

HLN's Ryan Smith asked her about how she felt about the outcome she will be back in court on the 27th where everything will be revisited. 

She also said that her son is doing fine and he is getting back to normal. As for Usher hugging her, she thinks it was a publicity stunt.

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