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Thursday, September 18, 2014

'Basketball Wives LA' Star Brandi Maxiwell Slams Divorce Rumors

Brandi Releases Statement

Basketball Wives: LA star Brandi Maxiwell has releases a an official statement to Bossip about the rumors that she is divorcing her husband, Jason Maxiwell. 

"Contrary to published reports, rumors that Jason and I are heading for divorce are false. There's no public record of us filing for dissolution of marriage. It doesn't exist. What do exist are two imperfect people who are committed to making it work through the highs and lows; joys and sorrows; and sickness and health. Jason and I just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary, and although our marriage isn't perfect, we're working on it." She added, "As a ovarian cancer survivor, instead of talking about my marriage, I would rather spend the time, raising awareness about ovarian cancer. Not all cancer is pink, and September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. I'm happy to share my story to save lives from this 'silent killer."

Will this be a possible new storyline for the next season? She joined the show early this year along with Sundy and Brittish. 

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