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Monday, October 5, 2015

SIP TEA: Tami Roman Defends Shaunie and Reveals Brandi Tried Out For 'Basketbal Wives: Miami'

 Tami Defends Shaunie After The Finale

After an intense season 4 finale of 'Basketball wives" LA' Tami Roman took the The Shade Room to spill some tea on Brandi and to defend her friend Shaunie. In the finale Brandi accused Shaunie of looking down on the LA girls and then called her a bitch.  

Tami reveals on the the site that Shaunie looked out for Brandi when she tried out for 'Basketball Wives: Miami' but not get casted and decided to put her in the LA cast. Tami also says while filming this season of the show she never saw Shaunie disrespect them.

 Photo/ The Shade Room

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

SIP TEA: Two 'Basketball Wives: LA' Castmembers Rumored To Let Go + Reunion Show

 Brandi and Mehgan Let Go?

Season 4 is almost coming to an when episode 09 airs this Sunday. VH1  has reported that the season 4 reunions how will taping this Friday and there is also reports that Brandi and Mehgan has been RUMORED to be let go if the show comes back for a 5th season. is reporting that Brandi has been rumored to be let go due to her beef with Shaunie calling her a bitch and we know Shaunie is the producer of the show. 

However Brandi has denied firing rumors 

Another castmembers who has been rumored to be let go s Mehgan James who recently got into with Tami Roman ( who is Shaunie's best friend) on twitter



One member who made it clear that she will not be back is Draya Michelle who even admitted that she was tired of filming the show

Monday, August 31, 2015

Brandi Maxwell Slams Draya's Apology About Her Cancer Storyline Being Boring

Brandi Fires Back At Draya

Brandi Maxwell is firing at Draya in social media after Draya issued an apology about her cancer storyline being 'boring' for the show. On last night's episode the producers captured footage of Draya telling Brandi that her cancer storyline was boring for a show like 'Basketball Wives: LA'

Draya initially tweeted that the reason why she had a bad attitude was because she was tired of filming the show.

 Draya then explained herself on Insatgram

But Brandi fired back saying the only reason why she is apologizing is because she episode aired. The incident happened back in February.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

'Basketball Wives LA' Star Brandi Maxiwell Slams Divorce Rumors

Brandi Releases Statement

Basketball Wives: LA star Brandi Maxiwell has releases a an official statement to Bossip about the rumors that she is divorcing her husband, Jason Maxiwell. 

"Contrary to published reports, rumors that Jason and I are heading for divorce are false. There's no public record of us filing for dissolution of marriage. It doesn't exist. What do exist are two imperfect people who are committed to making it work through the highs and lows; joys and sorrows; and sickness and health. Jason and I just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary, and although our marriage isn't perfect, we're working on it." She added, "As a ovarian cancer survivor, instead of talking about my marriage, I would rather spend the time, raising awareness about ovarian cancer. Not all cancer is pink, and September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. I'm happy to share my story to save lives from this 'silent killer."

Will this be a possible new storyline for the next season? She joined the show early this year along with Sundy and Brittish. 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brandi Says Sundy's Boyfriend Put His Hands On Her During Reunion Fight

Reality:  On Monday night, we've seen the Basketball Wives LA reunion show ( which i'm glad was only one part ) and that fight between Sundy and Brandi which of course got cut off.

But what happened during the fight, Brandi tweeted that Sundy's "pussy" 20 year old boyfriend put her hands on her during the fight.


Jackie Christie also spoke the fight in a new interview with The Scoop and also says that her boyfriend put her hands on her

Brandi, in between all the chaos, she makes it around the group and tries to run at Sundy, but I’m protecting Sundy and the whole group of her family got around her and some of the people that I brought. You know I had a few people I invited. Well then, all of a sudden one of Malaysia’s aunts, or somebody, cousins, somebody ran around Malaysia, and was like, ‘I want Jackie Christie’. So I’m like, ‘well, here I am’. So the next thing you know, I just remember going crazy, you know, getting the guards off of me, security was holding me, you know, I just blacked out. So I didn’t see the actual blows being thrown, but Sundy told me that she swung a shoe and hit Brandi with the shoe in her face. I don’t know because I didn’t see it, but I do know that it was straight chaos. It was a free-for-all. People were fighting, Sundy’s boyfriend grabbed Brandi up, you know, and told her ‘you’re not going to touch her.’ She was cursing at him; it was crazy. People were fighting, camera guys got hit by accident trying to film. It was an all out brawl pretty much.

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