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Saturday, March 18, 2017

'Mob Wives' Drita SLAMs Karen Gravano For Accusing Her of Vandalizing Her Car

 Karen's Car Gets Vandalized

After a year since 'Mob Wives' ended its run on VH1, the ongoing beef between Karen and Drita still continues.  Early this week, TMZ spoke to Karen Gravano and she accuses Drita of vandalizng her car that spelled "RAT"

Here is the TMZ video which shows Karen's car being towed

Drita took to her Facebook page and went on a rant. She accuses Karen of sabotaging her because Drita is about to make her TV return soon

Do you think Drita did it? 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

'Mob Wives' Star Drita Davanzo Releases Tribute Music Video To Big Ang

 Drita Pays Tribute to Big Ang

Mob Wives star Drita Davanzo has releases a music video recently in honor of the late Big Ang who died of cancer in February. The music video shows Drita and rapper Jojo Pellegrino in front of the Big Ang mural and shows clips of Big Ang. Drita also raps in the video

Here it is the song is called 'Big Angel'

Thursday, March 31, 2016

'Mob Wives' Drita D'Avanzo Will NOT Be Charged For Parking Spot Brawl

Drita Is Off The Hook For Brawl

It looks like Drita will not be be facing any charges for the brawl she had last month with another woman over a parking spot.  TMZ is reporting the only reason Drita got off was because the neighborwhose name is Mary Bratti refused to snitch  and cooporate. Drita was supposed to be in court today but the DA declined to prosecute her. 

Here is a the video again


Friday, March 18, 2016

VIDEO: Drita Spills Tea On What Did NOT See During Final 'Mob Wives' Reunion

 Drita Spills Tea On Reunion

Mob Wives star Drita D 'Advanzo is blasting 'Mob Wives' production for the reunion show that aired last night. Not only she she a lot to say on twitter but she also did an interview with Afterbuzztv saying that 'Mob Wives' was a 'diasater' from the start and that the show wasn't in her favor. She calls Renee, Karen and Carla 'opportunists' 

She also goes on to say that Carla talked 'trash; about Renee and Karen's family . She also spoke on the reunio saying that production only aired the bard parts of her and they purpoesly made Big Ang leave early so she could not film with her

Listen Here


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Drita ALLEGEDLY Accused Of Stealing The Spotlight At Big Ang's Memorial And Karen Get Banned

 Drama At Big Ang's Memorial

This weekend Big Ang's wake took place in Brooklyn where bunch of fans and her Mob Wives' co-stars showed to her public memorial.This past Thursday, Big Ang passed away from stage four lung and brain cancer. Apparently from what I'be heard there were some alleged cattiness going on between the cast members.

According to  All About The Tea Karen Gravano  an Brittany Forgaty was banned for attending her memorial due to both of their fathers' being 'rats'. The site reports that brittanyand  her mother was about to attend the memorial when they received a phone call from Drita telling them the were not welcome. 

Speaking of Drita, there is also alleged drama surrounding her. Hollwoodlife
exclusively reports that Big Ang's family wasn't happy with her behavior when she showed up with bodyguards

Carla and Renee ( who were both there)  also took jabs at her without saying her name on Instagram

Drita did not repsond back but Natalie Guerico, who was also, there took to to twitter to defend her.


It looks like Big Ang's family had no issues with Drita as Drita just tweeted this 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

'Mob Wives' Star Drita Davanzo Gets Arrested For Allegedly Assualting Woman.. Tweets and Video Here

Mob Wives star Drita Davanzo has been arrested
yesterday fora allegedly assaulting a women by the name of Mary Bratti in Statan island.  TMZ says cops arrested Drita with a misdemeanor charge.The woman uploaded the video last night which shows Drita's husband Lee confronting her and Drita was in the car.  

Another video on Facebook shoes Drita showing up at her porch  and they began fighting.

Drita from Mob Wives fighting someone... Lee called Drita up to fight this woman.. Here's where it all started -
Posted by Joey Realitytvblog on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Love also went on Twitter


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

'Mob Wives' Producers Hires Bodyguards To Protect Drita From The Cast

Producers Hires Bodyguards

According to reports the producers of 'Mob Wives' hired bodyguards to protect cast member Drita Davanzo in case of a brawl from the other cast members.  We already know that the majority of the cast this upcoming season will be against Drita and they barely film with. NYDailyNews, reports they allegely want her out because the cast wants more money and airtime.

"There has been security hired while they film, and they’ve had to hold Drita back multiple times,” adds our source. “They are trying to push her off the show and she is aware of what’s going on. At the beginning of filming there was a concerted effort to not film with her. Then, it turned to fighting.”

 They also said that Big Ang is also taking Renee's side but Drita responded on Facebook saying Big Ang is not gravatating towards anyone

 #‎Season6‬ is around the corner....and no Big Ang is not gravatating towards don't know where they got that from...she's a good friend to me. As for this season....there is alot going down...glad Daily News is on top of the xo


Monday, February 16, 2015

HOT TEA: Drita Tweets She Is Leaving 'Mob Wives' Next Season Because Carla Is Back

Is Drita Leaving 'Mob Wives'?

Us viewers still want to know what the what happened between Drita and Carla. Last week, Carla made a surprise appearance on the show showing support for Renee's 1st anniversary of 'Mob Candy' where Drita made excuses to leave the party just when Carla arrived. 

She accuses Renee's sister Jennifer Graziano who the producer of the show claiming she tried to sell her out by bringing back Carla.  If 'Mob Wives' get another season, I really she she stays so  we will know more about her and Carla's fall out. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

'Mob Wives' Star Drita D' Avanzo Says Season 5 Will Be 'Most Shocking Yet'

'Mob Wives star Drita D'Avanzo gave a brief update on her Facbeook Page about upcoming season  of  the show which is set to premiere this December.

She says season 5 will be the 'most shocking season  yet'. Reading this is interesting as producers said a while ago that the season 5 was 'boring' and that the only storyline going on was Big Ang and her family. 

I wonder what is going down

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

'Mob Wives' Star Drita D'avanzo Defends Jay-Z In Solange Attack

Drita: "Jay-Z Handled It Like A Gentleman"

Reality: Everyone has sharing their opinions and theories on the Solange attacking Jay-Z in that elevator, including Drita from Mob Wives. She is calling out the double standards of domestic violence. 

In a recent Facebook post, she say if Jay-Z was the one attacking her, no would be joking and says he handled himself 'like a gentleman'

Do you agree with her?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

'Mob Wives' Drita Davanzo Hints At Spin-Off Show

Photo: VH1

Reality: Drita Davanzo might be the next Mob Wife to get a spin off show. She recently the season 4 reunion for OK! magazine hinting that she has 'great things' to come soon but I'm not how her entire family will appear on the show if her husband Lee does not want to be shown on 'Mob Wives'. we'll just to wait and see what happens.

She says

As for a spin off!! I have great things to share… but it will have to wait. When I get the green light… I promise you will be the first to know.”

Big Ang was the first Mob Wife to get not one but two spin off shows.

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