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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Drita Reveals Her and Renee Aren't Close Friends


She's Just A Co-Worker

Reality: Drita made a blog post explaining why she has not been on Renee's side this whole season. We have seen between Renee and the Philly but it seems like Drita has been team Natalie and Alicia.

She explains that she is trying to to see both sides and reveals her and Renee aren't really close friends. Drita says she is friends with with her younger and thinks Renee as a co-worker.

Here part of her blog post.

 "First of all people are under the assumption that Renee and I were friends for years! I need to make this clear. I used to be friends with her younger sister for a long time. That’s how I met Renee years ago. She was my friend’s older sister. We were never friends in the past. I’ve said this and I’m going to say this again. I’m not sure if you have watched Mob Wives for the last three seasons, but Renee took sides when it came to me Karen and Ramona and it WAS NOT MY SIDE. She actually never even tried to play middle man to make it better, but at times made it worse and instigated the fights. I don’t hold that against her BUT let’s call a spade a spade. Renee and I are co-workers and are in a good place"

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