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Friday, September 24, 2010

VH1access Fan Interview (September) Dennis Holland

Dennis Holland

With our fan interview Edward Peniche a while back. I'm officially going to do a monthly interview for the fans and discuss about their favorite VH1 shows and and stars.

September's Fan Interview is someone that I know for a while now. He is a big Megan Haudreman fan and also auditioned for Tool Academy 3. Follow him on twitter

VH1access: How are you doing Dennis?
 Dennis: Im great!!! thanks..just had my birthday last nite and it was a BLAST!!!!

VH1access: It was your birthday recently, what did you do?
Dennis: hahaha..just went out and had a great time with friends and drank probably tooo much!!!

VH1access: So you are VH1access Fan Interview for September. Since when you became a fan of VH1?
 Dennis: i actually never really watched much of VH1 until ROCK OF LOVE started..i watched a little bit of FLAVOR OF LOVE but once i saw MEGAN HAUSERMAN on ROCK OF LOVE i became addicted to the vh1 reality shows and caught up on everything i missed hahahahaha so now i love MOST of the reality VH1 airs...

VH1access: Who are your favorite VH1 stars and shows?
 Dennis: Well my favorite vh1 show is deff I LOVE MONEY (it was MEGAN WANTS A MILLIONAIRE)..i like all of the seasons...mostly because its not for the love of some guy who wont really be with the winner in a relationship anyway...but of course like i said i do like Rock Of Love, Flavor Of Love, For The Love Of Ray J, Ochocinco and Real Chance Of Love...ive become good friends with alot of the girls from the show...closest to probably Toastee, Megan,Marcia,Sassy,Blonde Baller,Jenny and Trouble..but i talk to alot of them and they gave me advice about Tool Academy because i got the call back to be on the show, but it didnt work out too well..haha my bf (at the time) and i broke up before we even went so we backed out and havent heard anything since...

VH1access: The Entertainer, wanted one of your female friends to be on his dating show is that correct?
 Dennis: yepp...VH1 contacted her as they did me, but she didnt get the email until 2 wks after they sent it, so by the time she got ahold of them they had already casted..but as ive learned, they save and keep all of the "possible" contestants info and video submissions for future who knows?? =]

VH1access: You also tried to audition for Tool Academy 3.
 Dennis: yeah..and like i said that didnt work out too

VH1access: What are your thoughts of the new VH1 image?
 Dennis: Well, honestly i miss how VH1 used to be..with the reality shows I like (ILM, ROL, FOL, ILNY,Charm School)...there arent many that i watch anymore except for I Love Money 4 of course =] Money Hungry is alright but other than that i dont watch VH1 too much anymore because The Ultimate Catch is over now too...(im in looooove with Tara!!!) lol

VH1access: Do you think VH1 will go back to their old ways with them airing I Love Money 4?
 Dennis: Im really not sure..they say they are airing it to kind of decide which way to take the whole channel, and ive noticed they have been playing alot of "Of Love" show repeats..but the whole Real and Chance show (ive never watched) irritates me and having all these shows about ppl who are already famous just doesnt interest me much..i hope it  goes back to how it was before because i think VH1 had the most popular reality shows on air...and ive also noticed that alot of other channels have kind of copied the "ideas" of shows VH1 has done, so hopefully they notice that and go back to the "good old days" lol

VH1access: Well thanks Dennis for being a fan of Do you want to give a shout out to anyone?
Dennis: I just want to say thanks to YOU first because you always keep me updated on all the latest news im interested in and to my girls BLONDE BALLER, SASSY, FEISTY, and MARCIA because im rooting for them allll the way on I LOVE MONEY 4...and last but of course not least MEGAN HAUSERMAN because she is everything i would want to be if i were a woman!!! lol

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vh1access Fan Interview: Edward Peniche

VH1iNFO: Hi Edward Glad I can Interview a Big Fan How Are You?

Edward: I am feeling well just enjoying my summer vacation before I have to go back to Cal State Fullerton for the fall semester. Relaxing, playing PS3, watching anime, hanging out with friends and family. The good stuff.

VH1iNFO: You Told Me on Twitter Youve Been to Reunion shows Ones?
Edward: I have been to Rock of Love 1 and 2, Flavor of Love 3, MTVs Gs to Gents season 1, I Love Money 1 and 2, Rock of Love Charm School, and Real Chance of Love. Each reunion show is a different experience and I had a fun time going to all them. Funny story on how I got involve in the reunion show filming. I actually started watching the shows around Flavor of Love 2 and since I knew that Flavor of Love 1 had a reunion I wanted to go to that. Unfortunately at that time I was 17 and the age limit was 18 so I had to wait at least a year. When Rock of Love 1 was heading towards the end of there season, I looked all over the web to find any information on a reunion and (which later became had the application to go to the Rock of Love Reunion show. So I filled it out and I told them this we be a good 18th birthday present (which at the time it was September and my birthday was on the 6th and the filming was on the 15th). So out of all the people who sent information I was picked. So me and my sister headed to the studios in LA, waited in line, chatted with the fans, and watch the filming of the show. It was amazing experience. A lot of the people I chatted with in line I soon became fast friends with and soon we became labeled as the "VH1 Reunion Entourage".

VH1iNFO: How was the Filming Process?
Edward: The filming process is pretty unique depending on the show. These are usually the steps that it goes; first we wait in line outside the studios just waiting until the call time and usually the contestants of the shows come by the gate and say hello to us and take pictures with us etc. Then after the call time they lead us into the studios, and since it is first come first serve basis the cut off the line so it is important to get there early or know people on the inside like I do which is my friend Cheryl. Then they seat us in the stands, then after awhile of waiting the producers come out and explain you know we make the show happen, we are going to know far ahead before anyone else (usually about 3 days to 2 weeks ahead) so it is important we don't spoil the show because if the secrets gets out, no one will watch, the ratings go down, the lose money, so on and so forth and that since we sign a contract we have to follow them. Pretty much they prep us up by getting us to do applause in all different forms, laughter, shock and aww, agreeing, disagreeing, booing all that stuff and they film us doing that so they can take the appropriate clip to what is going onstage and edit into the show because they are filming them (the contestants and them talking) the can't have the cameras on us all the time or they might something but that doesn't mean we don't get film during the show. Then they have the contestants come out and seat them in their seating over and film them getting cheer. Here is how it goes they usually pan the camera to one of its contestants and film them getting cheer. Let me give you an example Let's say Cali, first the cameraman pans the camera to her, then the stage producer says "Standing By", and then he says "Everyone Please Welcome Cali" then we all cheer, clap, whatever, and then they move onto to the next contestant, and film all of them. Then the host comes out does pick up lines like "We have more reunion after this", "We'll get to the bottom of this when we get back", "Welcome back for more reunion". Then after that 3 to 6 hours of unscripted reunion. There is usually moments where they have to re shoot certain segments, have segments cut out, or sometime halt production because of fights that happen on set (Daisy/Heater Megan/Sharon Osbourne, etc.). But in the end it was pretty much worth it getting a chance to meet the contestants face to face. They are usually down for pictures, hugs, kisses, or shout outs. I also got some autographs of the contestants that I still have. I actually have an autograph book with the autograph of the whole of ILM1 cast (except for Chance). I also got 20 Pack's Gold Team Jersey in my room (He threw it in the audience and my sister caught it) and a bandanna from Rodeo she had at ILM1 (same thing threw into the audience and caught it).

VH1iNFO: Whats Your take n I Love Money? I know Your Big Supporter
Edward: I think I Love Money was one of the best shows from VH1. I mean they took the contestants from all these different Of Love shows and putting them in a show where they compete for money. That shows was like a dream show for me since these shows were introduced. The first one was great because they took all the All Stars of the first six Of Love shows and it was great. With the second season well....I can understand how many fans tend to be mix about it. Since all the big ones went on the first season, they had to settle with the next batch often call "The Fillers"; however, I tend to strongly disagree because I think they were more interesting as they weren't trying to be like the characters they created on their respected shows but instead a different person. Also the second season became more on strategy then trying to talk someone into doing what you want. To me both season were good. Hearing about ILM3 I am sad that it won't air because it had more of the "new" generation contestant on the show and it seems from what the cast said it only makes me even sadder that it won't air. I also feel it is kind of weird that they can't talk about a show that won't air because I would think that when the show got canceled, there contracts would be null and void since it won't ever air. Though I understand it is more complicated with TV contracts then it is with anything else. I hope that VH1 finally talk about ILM3/4 and Megan Wants A Millionaire because it has been a year since that event happen (Ryan Jenkins Murder/Suicide). Though I have found out that some clips of MWAM exist in the cracks of (Go to and type in Megan Wants A Millionaire)

VHiNFO: Which Cast You Want on ILM?
Edward: To be honest I don't have a preference on who should be on ILM. What I would want is an ILM Fans vs Favorites. Now that is a show I would do and have fun doing.

Vh1iNFO: Do You Think Vh1 Will bring back?
It all depends if they can settle everything with the whole Ryan Jenkins things because to me it is pretty much a close case. Unless so many VH1 fans flood there inbox or find there address and mail them they might comply with it.

VH1iNFO: Thoughts on the new shows?
Edward: Well this is where it kind of hits a bumpy road. After Tool Academy 3 and I decided to take long break from VH1 reality manly because before it was pretty much the only shows I really watch next to some Fox shows so I wanted to expand my horizon on some shows. Not only that my Spring semester at CSUF was getting harder (That is what I get for being an accounting major), on top of working, and hanging out with friends I just didn't have time for VH1. I have been watching Ochocinco and it has been better good. I like the style of the show it is something new and since I am a VH1 fan I downloaded the Ochocinco tournament bracket and have been keeping track of the show. Other then that I kind of watch VH1 if they have there Countdown shows, or I Love type shows.

VH1iNFO: WhicH ones are you looking forward To?
Edward: So far I have seen a few of the trailers for the show but I not any rush to say what I am excited for. I said this before and I hope my wish it comes true, if there is an Ochocinco reunion show I will go to the reunion show wearing an orange shirt with black stripes, with 85 on the jersey and cheering for Chad (hoping that NFL jersey doesn't have any problems and they can at least show actual jersey on the air). If you want I would forward the info to you guys so you can advertise on the website (if I get it).

Vh1iNFO: Thanks For Doing This Interview & Following Me on Twitter! Shout outs?

Edward: Well thank you for interviewing me and I appreciate it. I like to give shout out to my VH1 reunion friends Cheryl, Josh, Adria, and Joseph I miss those guys and hoping Ochocinco gets a reunion so we can hang out and since I am going to be 21 this year we can hit an after party afterwards. Ashley Douglas from Tool Academy 1 for chatting with me on twitter and I hope her pregnancy goes well and that she and Josh welcome their new child into their family. To my followers on twitter, also I want to give a shout out to the VH1 contestants I have met and got the privilege to talk to. To my friend Jason who is awesome. To my family for putting supportive. Also if you want you can interview my VH1 reunion friends because I am pretty sure they will be down to do one.

Hit me up on facebook at to see some of my VH1 reunion pictures or my myspace page at

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