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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

SIPS TEA: Stacey Dash Gets FIRED From FOX News After Trump Becomes President

 FOX NEWS Fires Stacey Dash

Since now Donald Trump is officially out 45th President of the United States, FOX News won't be needing Stacey Dash anymore because she has been FIRED. Nydailynews is reporting that she was fired over the weekend. Ever since she became a FOX news contributor she has received backlask from the black community from the lack of diversity at the Oscars last year to Jessie Williams BET awards speech.

Youtuber Lovelyti made a great point by saying FOX News used her so she can influence minorities to vote for Donald Trump and now that he President FOX News does not her. 


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stacey Dash Receives Backlash For Joining FOX News

Stacey Dash Joins FOX News

Celeb Clueless and former Singles Ladies star, Stacey Dash,is caught in yet another controversy, joining FOX News.

She speaks to Elle Magazine about being a black female republican and possibly running for office.

'Yes. I would love that." And though perhaps a bit unorthodox, she already
knows her platform. "I'm willing to make fun of myself. If anything that shows the people that I am more like the people than they think," she says. "Who better to represent them than someone from the South Bronx? I come from nothing. I understand what I'm talking about.” This time, it's not the canned response of a would-be politician but a from-the-heart plea from a woman who is a Republican, an American, an African American, an actress, and a resurrected pop icon. All in one.'

and of course she received backlash. Here is one former fan's tweet.

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