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Friday, August 16, 2013

POLL RESULTS: Beyonce's Hair- You Guys Think It Was A New Hairstyle


43% Of You Think It Was New Hairstyle

Last week, the internet went nuts when Beyonce posted new photos of her new hair on Instagram. So I made a poll asking if her new hair was a new hairsyle? a short wig? or a her real hair without the wave. Forty-three percent of you think it was a new hairstyle.

But now Beyonce has ditched the pixie hairstyle.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Poll: Beyonce's New Hair- A New Hairstyle? A Short Wig? Or Real Hair?

enter image description here

What Do You Think?

NEW POLL: Today, the internet went nuts over Beyonce's supposed new hairstyle. She posted pics of her short do on her Instagram but there have been mixed reactions. Some people think it's a new hairstyle and she only did after the fan incident at one of her concerts. Some people think it's just a short wig and others believe it's actually her real hair without the weave. 

So what do you think? Vote in the new poll.

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