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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Heather Sanders Tweets She Is NOT Joining 'LHHH' Season 2 cast

 Heather Responds To Joining 'LHHH'

Early this month, it was reported that Black Chyna's friend Heather Sanders was going to join LHHH season 2 cast. Well this week she responded to a fan asking her if she was if fact joining the cast and she replied "NO"

So far the offical season 2 cast has not been reveals. Day 26 member Willi Taylor is also rumored to be on the cast.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Black Chyna's Friend Heather Sanders Joins 'LHHH' Cast and More Rumored New Castmembers

Black Chyna's Friend Joining 'LHHH' ?

Is week, it was reported that Day 26 member  Willie Taylor  is joining the show along with his wife LaShanda but who else joining the cast?, is 
now reporting that Heather Sanders, who is a friend of Black Chyna is joining the cast along with her man Trell. She is currently pregnant. Blogger Jason Lee is also been said to join the cast as well as Kamiah Adams

 Trell and Heather Sanders

 Kamiah Adams

BloggerJason Lee with Mimi (who is said to be making an appearance) 


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