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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

UPDATE: Angie Martinez Explains Why She Left Hot 97

Why Did She Left Hot 97?

Videos: Last week, it was announced that Angie Martinez resigned from Hot 97 and joined Power 105.1. Both New York stations are long time rivals so when found out about this people were baffled and wanted to know to why she did it.

She was on the Breakfast Club and set the record straight. She says it was time for to do new things and she wanted to have new challenges.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mona Scott Young Producing Hot 97 Reality Show

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'This Is Hot 97'

Reality: 'Love and Hip hop; producer Mona Scott Young is set to produce another reality series and this one seems interesting. Popular radio station Hot 97 has been given their reality series called  This Is Hot 97 announce by VH1 today which will air March 31st.

The show will follow Funkmaster Flex, Angie Martinez, Miss Info and others as they interview famous stars.

This is the radio station that had that infamous momenet betwen Joe Budden and Consquence last year

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