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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Where Are They Now? Interviews Coming Soon!

Where Are They Now Interviews Coming Soon

I will be doing new update interviews from your favorite old school VH1 reality stars from shows such as Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, Tool Academy, Daisy of Love, Megan Wants A Millionaire, I Love New York and many. The Where Are They Now intreview will start in March and will  run through the summer. 

My first What Are They Now Interview will be with Weasel from Daisy of Love

Thursday, February 21, 2013

VH1access Interview: Chaundrea Nicolle (Rich Dollaz baby mama)

Exclusive Interview

I recently did an interview with Chaundra Nicolle, who is Rich Dollaz's baby mama. I wanted to do an interview with her so she can she can shared her side of the story of the whole ordeal with Rich Dollaz and his arrest. She says he is the father of her daughter, Christian. She also shares her thoughts on Erica, and the rumors of her being pregant , his relationship with her and she confirms that she is working on her own show with other women who are more respectful.

Hey Chaundra , how are you?

Hi! Sorry it took me so long. My boys are playing in the championships here where I am and I run allllllllllll day :)

There has been so much drama with Rich Dollaz getting arrested for not appearing in court for a paternity test. Can you explain your side of the story of the whole ordeal? Is he really the father? 

It all sums up to irresponsibility. I would be VERY desperate and crazy to do alllll that I have and him not be our daughter's father. I don't want to bash him or even be disrespectful towards him but I will state facts. As I have stated previously that our case to establish parentage dates all the way back to 2002 and he knew about it. But to answer more clearly, Yes, Richard is my daughter, Christian's, Father.

Why do you think he did not show up?

Either he was in fear that once parentage is established that he would have to pay a substantial amount of child support or he straight out just don't care and felt that he was invincible and nothing was going to happen. 

I also heard that you called the FBI on him for using  a fake I.D to travel?

I DID NOT call the FBI but he was using a fake ID. I believe in handling as many matters as possible without involving others. I only called the police because of how he was refusing to show up to court and was in contempt and I wanted him to do what he was supposed to do for our daughter.  

Rich Dollaz recently did a interview with Hot 97 and he suspects you're bringing this up now because he is on TV. What are your thoughts on that?

That is BULL---! What would I gain by bringing it up now? I am just able to locate him now, that's all. I could care less if he was the designated poop picker at the local zoo, that's his thing not mine. Everyone knows that you can't be prancing around like you're Mr. Clean when you have 1000 skeletons in multiple closets that could pounce out at any time, in this case, that's sort of what happened! You can ignore the past but it's still there and if you don't do the right things, certain situations will come back up, and that's what happened!

Have the producers of "Love and Hip Hop" ever approached you to do the show?  

I really liked Love and Hip Hop, New York, at first. I admired characters like Chrissy and Jim who had each others back no matter what, and Emily who showed that her family was more important than anything in the world, and even Samaya for her determination to make her mark and grow but when they left, things changed. I honestly haven't watched at all since but like once and it didn't "grasp" my attention. I have spoken with someone from the show a while ago not, but Rich told me he wasn't having that, he said that's HIS show and he, Olivia, and Erica would walk if I stepped foot on any scene!

I'm glad things worked out as they did because now I have an even better opportunity. I am working on a show where, even though there is still lots of drama, and suspense, the women are more respectful, "different" but respectful. You don't have the psycho attention whore's like Erica who makes up stories for attention, it's real, and in my opinion, will be a great show but that's all I can say about that!

In January, you got into a twitter war with Erica Mena.  How long have you've been beefing with her? and what do you think about their relationship?

I could care less if Rich was dating a horse or in this case, a bird! That was the second or third time Erica uttered ignorance that naturally comes out of her alleged former call girl lips. She tries to belittle people when even the level beneath my shoe is too high for her. She has insulted my daughter and even told me that I was an embarrasement to my daughter yet she's faking present, being a voluntary donut delivery worker standing outside of people jobs just to get press and attention. What REAL women wears football paint under their eyes and be about what she claimed she was about. Even that last fight at the nail shop, I didn't see her throw any blows and I'm pretty sure she started it just as she did Kimbella. She want to yell she was set up but she wasn't worried about that type of stuff when she rolled in on Kimbella acting like hood hoochie chicken when she did what she did!

I don't know if have heard but there have been rumors that Erica's is pregnant with his baby. The speculation started when Erica posted a photo of a pregnant women with the caption, “LIFE! How Exciting.”  What are yout thoughts on that?

Just as she posted the wedding magazine's and now pictures of being pregnant. It's sooooooooooo obvious that they are planting all these "stories" about one another. I've heard the one about them being in the restroom together, seen the so called half naked instagram photos of her with him. I have worked in PR and some idiots feel like any press is good press. What this doodling chicken is failing to realize is that he being pregnant is irrelevant to the show, during the time of the show, you should do PR work concerning something that MAY happen on the show, the fight at the nail shop for example, that was sent to TMZ with the LHHNY camera crews there insinuates that this is something can be seem on the show and people are going to want to look for that because I'm sure they will do a sneak peak of it for an upcoming show and if people are interested, they will want to see. Who really cares if a obvious gold digging hoe hopping chicken is pregnant? IF she is pregnant which I doubt, then oh well, our kids are siblings...but in all honestly I think she'll be much better off as a Maury candidate as many people that I've heard that she's been with, than me! Also if she is then he may as well gear up because karma is something else and hurricane Erica is going to hit him hard! She seems soooo stupid! Look how she kicked her son's dad and he didn't even touch her but she want to scream on TV! That's bull! I'd sooner believe the sky is purple and grass is pink!

Do you think he will ever take the paternity test?

For my daughter's sake I hope he does! It's not for me, it's for her. She knows that's her dad, but after all the lies that's been told, she just wants it set in stone so that he can NEVER EVER deny her publically again.

Thank you, Chaundra  for the interview. Do you want to add anything else?

I don't think Richard is an overall bad person, I just think sometimes people lose themselves and forget about what's important. I could never have a conversation with him again but I can say he is supported by wonderful people. I know that things will be worked out with them soon. It's just ashamed that it took all of this. I don't feel like I've done anything wrong on my end because I had to do everything I have for my daughter.

Follow her @chaundra

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