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Friday, May 8, 2015

Kenya Moore Responds To Her Feud With Janet Hubert

Kenya Moore Responds To Feud

Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is responding to the feud rumors regarding Janey Hubert who played the mother on Fresh Bel-Air. The feud got started when Janet when in at Kenya months ago on Instagram last month about not getting paid on Kenya Moore's new TV show 'Life Twirls"

Kenya Moore responded to the allegations on Instagram yesterday saying that Janet was issued total 'four checks' for her work on the show

"There have been numerous false allegations made from Janet Hubert regarding non-payment for her work on the TV pilot Life Twirls On and most recently criminal activity. Although Miss Hubert had been issued a total of 4 checks for her work since November 2014, SAG/AFTRA has officially determined that Moore Vision Media does not owe Miss Hubert any additional payment and all claims have been settled.

We regret Miss Hubert felt it necessary to make relentless personal attacks by slandering the producers, however, we echo the sentiment of the producers of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and wish Miss Hubert well in her future endeavors."

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