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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

[Exclusive] Jaron Alexander Talks About His BET Awards Experience

Jaron Alexander Talks About The BET Awards

I had to chance to interview Jaron Alexander for the third time. I interviewed his early last year when he auditioned The Real World: Explosion. This time he attended the 2015 BET awards last week and he giving an exclusive on his thoughts about the award show.

How was the BET experience?
My Experience was great. I really I enjoyed being apart of the 2015 BET Experience. This was actually my first time in LA so I was just very excited to be there.

 Why did you decided to attend the BET awards?
Well I decided to attend the show because I always watched it on tv and thought to myself when I get the funds I will attend. In plus I knew this year was going to go down in history so I wanted to be apart of that moment as well
Who did see or meet at the BET awards?
I've seen a lot of people. Ray J, Tinashe, Dej Loaf, Wale, Fetty Wap, Chris Brown, Snoop Dog, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj & Many More. I actually got to dance with K.Michelle At The Bet Awards After Party, I Met Tank there as well and I gave him my business card as well as K.Michelle And Ray J. I Snapped A a Selfie With Trap King Himself Fetty Wap. I was most excited about meeting BET's CEO Deborah Lee.  

Who was your favorite performance?
I've Been getting that question a lot. I really think Ciara killed that Janet Jackson tribute. I love that new Meek Mill and Nicki Song but I think they performance could have been better. Also seeing Tamar and K.Michelle coming together with Patti Was Great. 


Is being at an actual music award show different than seeing it on TV?
Yes! It's so LIVE! It's like a huge concert. It's hard to explain you'll have to see it for yourself.

Is there anything that happened during the award show that wasn't aired?
No not really. During breaks they had someone telling jokes to get the crowd hyped. But that's about it.

On of the most talked about moments of the night Diddy falling on stage, what are your thoughts on that?
Well when he preformed I don't think many people noticed because everyone in there was hyped we were all on our feet and the lights were flashing all over the place. I didn't even notice he feel until I pulled out my phone and people was asking me did I see it. See the camera catches everything watching it live is different we could blink our eye and miss out on something. But I think it was Diddy's fault for the most part because he knew where the pop up thing was on strange he kept dancing on it. I heard he suing BET for that too.

I saw on your Facebook page that you have done several red carpet interviews. How was that?
I Did My First One On One Interview With @Chundria She's A YouTube Star. She interviews a lot of different up and coming artist. Like myself I'm a entertainment Blogger And I'm just trying to branch out and be come a big journalist and or radio personality. Just like Wendy Williams. I'm actually going to The Wendy Williams Show Next Month. I Can't Wait. My Blog site is CallMeCelebrity.WordPress.Com


Would you do this all over again?
Yes. I prob wouldn't go to the award show but I would go to network. But I think if anyone what's to attend they should it's a wonderful experience.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Exclusive: Jaron Alexander Talks About Auditioning For 'Real World: Explosion'

Exclusive Interview

Exclusive:  I'm back doing some new exclusive interviews. I'm friends with Jaron Alexander on Twitter and Facebook and I decided to do an interview with him because he auditioned for The Real World: Explosion which now airs on MTV. He shares his experience of the audition process and why he wasn't picked.

Hey Jaron, how are you?
I’m great. Just been busy with school trying to get my money up so I can move

Thanks for doing this interview, so you auditioned for the "Real World: Explosion". How was the audition process?
WOW! It was something I could never forget. I remember it like it was yesterday. I took the greyhound bus with my cousin on Derby to Nashville Tennessee at 6 in the Moring So I Could audition. It was a long process. I was #6 in line. I remember afterwards my cousin and I feel asleep at the audition. We were so tired. I Met A Few People that I still keep in contact with till this day. It was a great experience.  

Why didn't they pick you to be on the show? and do you think is fair that Jamie is on the show without here ex?
I honestly think the only reason I didn’t get picked was because I wasn’t what they was looking for at the time. I mean things happen for a reason. Next time will be mine. I don’t think it’s fair that Jamie’s ex isn’t on the show. Maybe her ex turned down the show. Cause mine would have. 

What are your thoughts on the people who was casted? Have you met them during the time you auditioned to be on the show? And have you been watching the show?

My Thoughts on the Cast. I think if I was casted Arielle and I would be the closest in the house. I like her she seems cool as hell. Cory & Jamie Seem Really Laid Back in Real AF I Like them both.  I don’t really care to much for Ashley, Jay, Jenny & Tom. Ashley Is Way Too Much For Me. I didn’t run into any of them at my audition.  No! I don’t really watch the show. It’s Boring without Me.

We all know the producers are messy when it comes to reality shows. Do you know any behind the scenes secrets that we don't know about? 

Well I don’t want to say too much. But yes they are Messy. They look for Puppets not people who are real and true to whom they are.

Is there any other reality shows you have auditioned for? or want to audition for? 

Well a few days ago I submitted my application for MTV’s” Are You The One” I’m just waiting to get an Email back. I will be trying out for The Real World again in the spring.

You met quite a few reality stars from Risky (Real Chance of Love) to K. Michelle to The Bad Girls Club girls. Is there any reality star you want to meet in the feature?

Risky I met back in 2009. She hosted my 16th Birthday. She’s such a beautiful person inside and out.

Meeting K. Michelle was great. I had front row tickets to her tour. After the concert we had shared a few words back stage. She is one of the Realist celebrities I’ve ever met. Love Her.

Shekinah From Ti&Tiny She’s Funny As Hell & Loud Too. She’s a very blunt person but I loved meeting in talking to her. She really works Hard.

Judi Jai, Elease & Falen are a few girls from Bad Girls Club That I had the pleasure to meet. Judi and I Formed a Friendship. I met her twice. We partied together both times. We turnt the club all the way up  love Judi, the way she acts on TV is the same way she acts in person. Wish I could say the same for Elease and Falen. Oh well. I Really Really Really Want to Meet the Baddest Bad Girl Of all Time. Mehgan James. I’m Pretty sure I will soon. I’ll keep you posted. 


Is there anything thing else you will to say before we end the interview?

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