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Friday, October 2, 2015

'Bad Girls Club' Star Jela Reveals In Blog Post That The Girls Pee On Her Stuff

Jela Reveals What Went Down

If you saw the last episode of 'Bad Girls Club this week', Jela and the twins left the house due to the other girls destroying their stuff It the worse in Bad Girls Club when their stuff was literally destroyed  but due to the editing we did not see what really happened. 

Jela is now spilling some on her  Tumblr Blog about what really went down that night. In her post she called ot girls, she says Jasmine was intimidated towards the twins from the start. She says the other girls were Jasmine's followers.

She also revealed that the girls pee on her stuff

 "To make matters worse y'all played with the pee. Throwing it on our beds and in our other clothes and purses.  You know what you won’t see on the show: the REAL reason they didn’t get to take a trip (too much damage to the house and not enough money in the budget to even go outta the state) 🌚 or that the replacements had to go to the hospital because they broke out from sleeping in the beds the girls threw their pee on."


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