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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jen The Pen Was Originally Asked To Be On 'The Gossip Game'

Jen The Pen of Love and Hip Hop NY: has revealed in a 
VH1 interview that she was supposed to join the cast of The Gossip Game. We all know that Jen is also a blogger and a radio personality. She explains why she chose Love and Hip hop  over The Gossip Game. 

"They asked me originally I was supposed to be onThe Gossip Game. I had went for a bunch of interviews with the executives at VH1, [and] I ended up choosing Love & Hip Hop because that’s where my life was at the time when we started the filming process. My past is in gossip, it’s in radio but where I was when we started filming was, I was coming off of just having a baby, I’m with this rapper I don’t want to have to make anything up, I want to really be about where my life is right now. Where my life was – struggling trying to get back to work, balancing this life of Cons’ rap life, our personal issues – that made sense forLove & Hip Hop. I am excited to watch The Gossip Game. I had done some work with Angela Yeeand Kim Osorio in the past. I’m big fans of them both; I respect them so much they’re my peers. I’m excited to watch someone else’s drama for a little while instead of my own."

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