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Friday, September 12, 2014

VIDEO: Jim Jones Confirms ' Chrissy and Mr. Jones' Will Return For A 3rd Season.. Watch Here!

Season 3 Coming Soon

Original 'Love and Hip Hop' couple Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkins will be back on VH1 for season 3 of their spin -off show Chrissy and Mr Jones.  Jim Jones let the cat out the bag in this new Hot 97 interview he did recently. He says they are ready to get back into filming. There is also a possibility that we might see a wedding it the works. He says a wedding 'is definitely happening' If you remember when they were in 'Love and Hip Hop', Chrissy proposed to Jim.

In addition to that , he also talks about his new EP and also avoids questions about his beef with Dame Dash

Watch interview here

Friday, January 17, 2014

Jim Jones Gets Sued By Investors Over Movie

Jim Jones Gets Sued

Reality: Former 'Love and Hip Hop' cast member Jim Jones is getting sued by investor for allegedly taking 200,000. TMZ reports the money was given to Jim to produce and star in the soundtrack for movie called "Vampire Life III" but investors claims that he stole the money to make mix tapes that was supposed to be used in the film. Instead, he releases the mix tapes independently. 

The investors want at least $700,000

Monday, November 4, 2013

Jim and Chrissy Tells Reveals Why They Left 'Love and Hip Hop'

"It Turned Into A Game"

Reality News:  Jim and Chrissy were like the face of the original 'Love and Hip Hop" which now has turned into a whole new show. They revealed why they left the show to Cocoa Fab they said  it went from being "their show" to being a "game. Jim also says they left the show for the sake of their morals and dignity. 

They also revealed that they were asked to return for season 3 to be executive producers for the show. 

“Me and Chrissy were asked to do the third season of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ and we would have been executive producers on the show because they know it was our show. It’s cool for them but thats not what we were interested in. I tip my hat to them for making the show a success but it won’t be a success without making a mockery of me or Chrissy or us compromising any morals we have.”

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Jim Jones Arrested For Driving High In Marijauna

Jim Jones In Trouble With Cops.. Again

Reality News: Ex 'Love and Hip Hop' star Jim Jones was arrested early this morning in the Bronx at allegedly high speed.  TMZ reports he was high in marijauna and did pass his sobriety test. He was the booked for under the influence of drugs. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Jim Jones Pleads Guilty To Disorderly Conduct

Jim Jones

Jim Jones Pleads Guilty

It was been reported that former Love and Hip Hop star, Jim Jones, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct days ago. If you remember, back in February Jim Jones was issued a parking violation in front of his home by a cop. The cop also learned that he had two active warrants and Jim became belligerent and uncooperative as described by the cop which led to the arrest.

According to North Jersey the judge fined him $841 to settle the disorderly conduct charge and the two warrants under his name. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Jim Jones Says "Harlem Shake" Was Originally His Record

Former Love and Hip Hop cast member , Jim Jones, is revealing that the popular song "Harlem Shake" was originally his record. 

"Well, actually "Harlem Shake" was mine for a year, I had that record a year ago, it was supposed to be for Pauly D’s album and we never did nothing with it, so when I started to hear this “Harlem Shake” and I heard the beat, I’m like, "Damn, I had that beat already for a year," so I just put the record out."

He also says shows like Flavor of Love and Love and Hip Hop is black exploitation 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jim Jones Arrested For Disorderly Conduct and Obstruction

Jim Jones Arrested

Who knew that not shoveling snow from your sidewalk is considered a crime in New Jersey. Former Love and Hip Hop cast member Jim Jones was arrested yesterday after he confronted an officer who was complaining an illegally parked car in front of his home. TMZ reports the officer ran through system and noticed two warrants out for his arrest, a vehicle violation and failure to remove snow from the sidewalk.  However, Jim denied the warrants and then became disorderly with the officer leading up to is arrest.

I think it's ridiculous if you ask me. 

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