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Monday, February 13, 2012

June Ambrose on VH1 Morning Buzz Show

Monday, September 26, 2011

June Ambrose Reveals What She wants Her VH1 Show to Show Viewers

What do you hope to share with viewers?

The dynamics of how to balance it all--being able to run your own business and company and still have a family. And just feeling like you’re not drowning everyday, and still being stylish along the way. I think it’s really about showing women and guys how to use fashion as a weapon, and be adventurous, and think outside of the box, and be fearless when it comes to discovering style

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fashion Guru June Ambrose Gets VH1 Show

 It seems like VH1 is STILL not getting it. Fashion guru Jun Ambrose has signed on to film a pilot for her new VH1 show. I like what the writer of the article said VH1 should rename themselves BET2, so true.


She's been in the fashion game for over 15 years, so it won't be
another "fake it till you make it" reality show. She's worked with
pretty much any and everybody in the game and is indeed THE go-to
stylist for the YBF folks and others.

June's style has a vintage glam meets modern chic deliciousness that
we adore and a ridiculous closet we would probably kill 3 people for.
And if you follow her amusing stylecapades on Twitter , she takes you to all her fave boutiques to shop for her clientele and on the sets of shoots and movies with herceleb clients. And now...all that will be on tv .

We hear it will also show the business side of her style game (which her husbandMarc handles) and her two uber cute fashion head kiddies daughter Summer

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