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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner Might Face Manslaughter Charges Following Car Crash

 Caitlyn Jenner Behind Bars?

More bad news for Caitlyn Jenner.. not only her reality show 'I Am Cait' is tanking in the ratings, but she also be facing manslaughter charges following that car crash in Malibu early this year which left one woman dead by the same of Kimberly Howw and Caitlyn's SUV crashed from behind her. She was a neighbor to the Kardashian family.

Investigators she should be charged with a misdemeanor manslaughter because they believed she was driving unsafely. 

CNN reports

"We did determine in the investigation that Jenner was going at an unsafe speed for the prevailing conditions, even though he was traveling under the posted speed limit,"

He case is going to the attorney  next week to see if it's worthy of a charge

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