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Monday, March 23, 2015

'Bad Girls Club' 14... Cast revealed!

Photo/ Twitter

'Bad Girls Club' 14 Cast

The 14th season of 'Bad Girls Club' has not been LA for a week now and thanks to @BGCTealG the cast has been revealed! We have a new set of twins who can give Dani and Gabi a run for their money, a chick that looks like a mix of Flo and Zuly, a blonde, two other black girls. 

Shannon & Shannade






Also, Laura the life coach will also be returning

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

'Bad Girls Club' Life Coach Laura Baron Says To Stop Using Robin Williams' Death As Poster Child For Depression

"Stop Using Robin Williams and Do Something"

You're Cut Off and Bad Girls Club life coach Laura Baron is speaking out on her Facebook page about Robin William's sudden death this past Monday in which commited sucide by hanging due to depression. While it's sad that he past away, he was a big part of childhood, Laura is also spreading some knowledge basically saying to not use his death as a poster child for depression.

This is her message

Stop Using Robin Williams and DO Something! 

"Now that it’s been a day since #RobinWilliams died, can everyone please cut the weepy act and take a good look in the mirror. Be real. We know people are living in pain, that isn’t a shock. The
 shock is he is not one of the ones we’ve chosen to demonize and use for our entertainment. It’s our beloved Robin Williams so we speak highly of him - he’s a treasure, a genius, a talent (and I agree).

But we choose to ignore the fact the same media outlets honoring Mister Williams' life were licking their chops to report and take down the lives of#JustinBeiber, #Lindsay Lohan , #BritneySpears  and the like. And we also choose to ignore that we consume and demand these life take-downs.

But what’s the difference between any of these people? They all have demons. We all do, including your neighbor… Yet we have collectively determined that some people and some lives, famous or not, can be used for sport. And it’s sick.

It's time we renew respect for ALL lives and cut the judgmental crap. Reject#gossip, isolation, and bullying. Reach out instead, we need each other. 

Someone else shouldn't have to die before we admit…we are all fragile. No one is immune to falling. How you make others feel WILL affect them, take that responsibility. Take a stand. And choose #love, for everyone…"

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