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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Left Eye's Sister Says She Was Never Consulted About The Biopic Movie

Left Eye's sister, Reigndrop Lopes has revealed to Missjia that her and her family was NEVER consulted about VH1 biopic movie that is set to air this fall. 

This is what she tells the blog

"We didn’t even know when they were shooting. The only way I found out was because a friend of mine was cast as an extra and flew down here, and I happened to go up there with her. We didn’t know anything at all.
She [Left Eye's mom] was hurt, she was pissed off, and hurt more than anything, but it’s like what can we do? Legally, I don’t think we can do anything, but it’s just more morally, why wouldn’t you involve the family? We’re right here in Atlanta, and we’re open to being involved. And when you don’t reach out, it makes you wonder why, question why. We don’t know why."

She also shares her thoughts on Lil Mama playing her sister

"Well number one, I would have liked to be told before the whole world knew. We found out online from the fans. My initial reaction was I was kind of in the middle. I didn’t know her to be an actor, and I didn’t know how well she would do portraying Lisa, so I really didn’t know how to feel. I actually got the chance to go up to the set one time, and I did see her doing some of her scenes, and it looked pretty good to me, and I was actually surprised. I told her that she was doing a good job. So hopefully, all the scenes are like that. She’s a really big fan, so I think it’s important to her to portray Lisa the right way even if some of the stuff in the script isn’t really accurate. I know it’s important for her to really bring out who Lisa was as a fan."

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

TLC VH1 Biopic Movie To Air This Fall + T-Boz Talks Left Eye Hologram

Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story Airing This Fall

It has been announced that the TLC VH1 biopic movie which is titled Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story will air sometime this fall. The film has been filming since March and will have Lil Mama, Keke Palmer and Drew Sidora playing them. 

In addition to the movie, TLC is also planning a new album and a reunion tour. Just last week wa the 11th anniversay of  Left Eye's death. T-Boz tells  hollywoodreporter

"The word anniversary means a celebration. For us, her death will never be a celebration, it's still something that hurts,"

T-Boz also talks to hiphollywood to address if the band will use an Left Eye hologram during the reunion tour. 

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