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Thursday, May 2, 2013

DJ Traci Steele Talks K. Michelle Beef

K. Michelle Called Her An Opptunist 

DJ Traci Steele, who is the new cast member this season on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta speaks about her beef with K Mchelle in a VH1 interview. Apparently, K. Michelle called her an opportunist when she joined the cast This is what she said to VH1.

"It baffles me because I’m doing the same thing you were doing, boo. What’s the difference between you and I, honey pie. But I let you live. I’m not even sure she knows what an opportunist is. You so far into Wikipedia, look that s— up. Opportunists, they benefit off of other people and they do things maliciously just to gain. I don’t gain from other people. I got on this show to build my family. I’m not hurting anyone in the process and I’m building a brand and I’m building an empire. That’s the same thing you doing, so I mean opportunist, it take one to know one."

It seems like K. Michelle has beef with practically everyone in the cast, excapt for Erica. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Buckeey Says She Is On "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' For The Money

Buckeey has made a clear that the only reason why she is on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta is for the money. 

According to Examiner, she says she is int  the indusrty to make money.

"A lot a women out here want the fame before the money, I’m in this industry to make money. I like to live a certain way, there are certain things I like, "I enjoy being a celebrity, but at the end of the day it’s about a check. I’m trying to help my family. I mean I like the red carpets. I like hosting parties. I love it, but I’d rather have money and a check."

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