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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Twitter Thinks Peter Gunz Is Having Another Child With 'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowery

Peter Gunz Is NOT The Father

'Love and Hip Hop: NY star Peter Gunz got caught up in a crazy rumor today when his name was trending on twitter. It all started when 'Teen Mom 2' star Kailyn Lowry posted an instagram statud about her baby bump. She is pregnant with her child

Peter Gunz posted a comment saying 'Calling U' many people on twitter speculated that Peter Gunz was the father of her unborn child

the truth is he is NOt the father and Kailyn made that clear on twitter. They both are rumored to be on the next season of 'Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars on WeTv, that's how they know eachother.


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Remembering The Reality Stars We Lost In 2016

 Reality Stars Who Died In 2016

Happy New Year! As the first blog post for 2017, we take a look back at the reality stars we lost in 2016. Big Ang from Mob Wives lost her battle battle with throat cancer in February. Christina Grimmie, who was on The Voice, was murdered by an obsess fan in June.

This pas December, 16 & Pregnant star Valarie Fairman died from drug overdose.

Check out the video if all the other reality stars we lost in 2016.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

' 16 & Pregnant' Star Valerie Fairman Dies From Overdose

 '16 and Pregnant Star' Dies

Valerie Fairman, who appeared on the 2nd season of 16 and pregnant' has died at the age of 23.  It has been reported that suspected overdose is might have caused her death. Her mother tells  TMZ that Valeria tried to get clean for the past five years she died yesterday after visiting a friend. She leaves behind a 7 year old daughter.

She shared her season with Teen Mom 2 stars Janelle, Chelsea, Kailyn and  Leah. They reacted to her death


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Farrah Abraham Responds To Nicki Minaj For Slamming Her On Twitter

Nicki vs Farrah

An unlikely feud sparked social media last week when Nicki Minaj went in at 'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham for her behavior on the show. 'Teen Mom' OG' premiered with a new season last week and Nicki Minaj has some things to say about her calling her a 'cunt' for the way she treats her mother on the show

Here are the tweets

Farrah has now involved her daughter in the social media feud.  She tells  US Weekly

"I’ve already had a consistent battle with Sophia [over the videos]. It’s inappropriate to imitate Nicki Minaj dance moves. Sophia wanted to meet Nicki Minaj to ask if her butt was real and how she can get a big butt. It's gotten out of control.”

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

'Teen Mom' Star Farrah Abraham in Talks To Join 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Is Farrah Joining 'Big Brother'?

Is Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham about to join Celebrity Big Brother?  There has been reports saying that she is 'in talks' to join the U.S vs U.K theme Celebrity Big Brother this summer.The reports that the producers want the show to be more' x rated' and they think Farrah will bring more 'sex appeal'. Early this week , it was reported that Mob Wives' Big Ang dropped out from the show  following her throat surgery

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Original 'Teen Mom' Premieres In March

Photo/ MTV

'Teen Mom OG'

The original girls of MTV show 'Teen Mom' are back! The show has been revamped to 'Teen Mom OG'. OG stands for original girls. The new season will premiere March 3rd and all four four girls are back! reports

"MTV is taking Teen Mom OG in a very different direction. For the first time MTV will highlight the girls’ relationships with the producers and crew, including what raising their children and growing-up on camera has been like and how the public’s involvement in their lives has shaped them as both people and parents"

Friday, January 30, 2015

Farrah Abraham Is Returning To 'Teen Mom'

Farrah Abraham Confirms 'Teen Mom' Return

It looks Farrah Abraham WILL be returning to 'Teen Mom' after all. According to 
U.S weekly she confirms that she will return to the show which will premiers its new season later this year. 

She says

"I think it was important because I mean just weighing out the options and my future for my daughter,” the current Austin, Texas resident said. “I think Teen Mom is important for the children and their futures. And I think it holds some good opportunities for Sophia and her future.”"

Early this week, she hinted on twitter she will also return to Couples Therapy

Monday, January 26, 2015

Farrah Abraham Returning To 'Couples Therapy' With New Boyfriend?

Is Farrah Abraham Returning To 'Couples' Therapy'?

It was revealed a  two weekx ago, that VH1's 'Couple Therapy' was  renewed for 6th season and it look like  Teen Mom' star ,Farrah Abraham, is returning to the show with a new boyfriend. She tweeted Dr. Jenn saying "I need to get soon "farrapy" hinting that she will be back next season.

As for her new boyfriend, he is real estate mogul. Another couple that has been talks to join the cast next season Honey Boo Boo's parents.

Monday, January 19, 2015

'Teen Mom' Star Maci Bookout Escapes Death In Car Accident

Maci Bookout In Car Accident

'Teen Mom' star Maci Bookout was involved is a serious car accident yesterday when her jeep flipped her and he son inside. She is also pregnant with her second child.They escaped with minor injuries and posted a pic of the accident on instagram.

She writes:

Thanking God that Bentley and I were able to walk away from this nightmare with only a few bruises. Thanking God that my unborn baby girl is perfectly healthy after this. I’d also like to @JeepOfficial @Jeep because if our seatbelts and the roll cage had not done their job, I’m not sure my family and I would of had the same outcome. Thanks to everyone that stopped to help, that was huge. I pray everyone else involved is doing okay‪#

The original cast of 'Teen Mom', excluding Farrah Abraham,  will return for a new season later this year on MTV

Thursday, January 8, 2015

What's Trending: Social Media Drags Farrah Abraham's Botched Lips Injections

What's Trending:
Farrah Abraham's Botched Lips

Today, social dragged Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham after she posted a tweet of a lip injection procedure gone wrong. Some memes that surfaced online compared her to Homer Simpson and Turanga Leela from Futurama.

Check out the memes and tweets

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Let's Gossip: Farrah Abraham Causing Drama On 'Couples Therapy' Set

Farrah Pissing Off Producers

Reality News: The 4th season of VH1's 'Couples Therapy' is currently being filmed and Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham is one of the cast members for the new season. Well it seems like she already causing drama on the set. 

According to Kpopstarz she is pissing the producers on the show and being a jerk. Are we really surprise by this? She wanted to be on this show last season when she interviewed a  guy to be her boyfriend. She just wants to be a on TV again.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Teen Mom Star Farrah Abraham Tried To Find Fake Boyfriend To Get On "Couples Therapy"

Is Farrah desperate for fame? Now we all know that  Teen Mom couple, Catelynn and Tyler will be on the 3rd season of the show but I'm assuming Farrah was the original choice because VH1 did offered her a spot on the show. The only problem was, she cold not find a fake boyfriend. 

RadarOnline reports two months ago, she was in negotiations with a guy name Carson Underwood, who is an aspiring actor and offered him money to pretend they were dating so they could appear on the show.

Text messages have also surfaced on teenmomconfidential basically giving him a mini interview to be his fake boyfriend for the show.  However, her plan backfired because he wasn't interested to her fake boyfriend. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Photos: Flavor Flav and Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell Become Friends During Filming Of "Couples Therapy"

Photo Credit: Instagram/Catelynnmtv

Flavor Flav and Catelynn Become Friends

Who would ever thought that a 90's rapper and a teen mom would BFF's? That is the case with Flavor Flav and Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell who are both going to be on the 3rd season of Couples Therapy with their significant others. Catleynn posted this pic on her Instagram page saying he is amazing and glad that she met him.

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