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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Love Majewski Gives Interview About Her New Reality Show + Promo Video

In more Mob Wives related news, Love Majewski, who was fired from the show, is giving out her first official interview about her new TV project named after her and her boyfriend Love N Fate. iT was announced last week that she is pitching a new reality show to major networks and a promo a video  has been made. 

Insanity Is Reality did an interview with Love about the new show and she says she is excited for the show and viewers will get to the REAL her 

    "I'm so excited I'm just bugging out about #LoveNFate! I have NO words for how much fun it is to film with Fate! We actually laugh so hard the whole time we're filming because it's so crazy to think that we weren't even sure if we were gonna get back together! We were just going on a date n now BOOM it's a TV show! How crazy is that?"

    "Viewers are going to finally get to see the real "Love" & instead of just being psycho bitch subject to constant turmoil. People will actually get to know me & see an honest picture of ALL of my life! My business, my love life, even my new Apartment. Don't get me wrong there's plenty of excitement & only a few minor injuries so far, but there's a lot more Love & a lot more laughter".

Friday, April 26, 2013

Is Love Majeweski Getting A New Reality Show?

Photo: Instagram/ Love Majewski

A New Reality Show For Love?

Love's Mob Wives days might be behind her, but that does not mean her story is done. Apparently, she s working on a new reality show titled "LoveNFate" which will feature and her boyfriend, who appeared briefly on Mob Wives.

The show is reportedly being shopped around, according to InsanityisReality

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