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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

'Mob Wives' Producer Jennifer Graziano Says Former Cast Members Wanted More Money

Reality:  Renee's sister , Jennifer Graziano, who is one of the producers and the creator  of Mob Wives is speaking out about the casting changes and why the former castmembers were not on season 4. A lot of fans assume that Natalie and Alicia were replacing the old castmembers. 

Jennifer did an interview with Buzz Feed TV and says that Carla, Ramona, Karen and even Love did not show for season 4 because they were not happy with their contracts. Apparently, Jennifer says that they wanted to get paid more money for season 4 and VH1 would not do it. She called Karen multiple times telling her about filming season 4, but she never showed.

She also discusses the Drita spin off show and says that it might possibly happen. 

Watch the interview


Monday, May 13, 2013

Renee Graziano Confirms "Big Ang" Season 2 and Shares Her Thoughts On Love

Renee Graziano appeared on the Breakfast Club and shares her thoughts on Love leaving the show. She reveals that Carla put in her contract for her not to get attacked by anyone which is why Love was let go. Renee also says that Love had a every right to go off at Carla  but it was the wrong time to do it. 

She also confirms the 2nd season of "Big Ang" when was asked about her. Her sister, Jennifer, is in Florida filming the show with Big Ang.  She also confirms Mob Wives will be back. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Love Majewski Gives Interview About Her New Reality Show + Promo Video

In more Mob Wives related news, Love Majewski, who was fired from the show, is giving out her first official interview about her new TV project named after her and her boyfriend Love N Fate. iT was announced last week that she is pitching a new reality show to major networks and a promo a video  has been made. 

Insanity Is Reality did an interview with Love about the new show and she says she is excited for the show and viewers will get to the REAL her 

    "I'm so excited I'm just bugging out about #LoveNFate! I have NO words for how much fun it is to film with Fate! We actually laugh so hard the whole time we're filming because it's so crazy to think that we weren't even sure if we were gonna get back together! We were just going on a date n now BOOM it's a TV show! How crazy is that?"

    "Viewers are going to finally get to see the real "Love" & instead of just being psycho bitch subject to constant turmoil. People will actually get to know me & see an honest picture of ALL of my life! My business, my love life, even my new Apartment. Don't get me wrong there's plenty of excitement & only a few minor injuries so far, but there's a lot more Love & a lot more laughter".

Friday, April 26, 2013

Is Love Majeweski Getting A New Reality Show?

Photo: Instagram/ Love Majewski

A New Reality Show For Love?

Love's Mob Wives days might be behind her, but that does not mean her story is done. Apparently, she s working on a new reality show titled "LoveNFate" which will feature and her boyfriend, who appeared briefly on Mob Wives.

The show is reportedly being shopped around, according to InsanityisReality

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Karen Gravano Says Love Left 'Mob Wives" Because Of Carla's Threats

Photo: VH1

Karen Spills The Tea

Yesterday, I made a post about Ramona speaking blogtalkradio's #Haveseat about the whole ordeal with Carla and Love. She said that Carla did tried file a lawsuit against them because of her figth with Love. Now Karen is speaking out about it and she says the reason why Love left the show was because Carla threatened to sue VH1 if they did not fire her.

She spoke to Radaronline about it

“I think Love wasn’t invited because Carla pretty much spoke to VH1 about not showing up if Love was invited"
“Carla’s threatening to sue and VH1 wanted to avoid any lawsuits.”

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mob Wives' Ramona Rizzo Discusses Her Beef With Carla and Shares Her Thoughts On Love

Ramona Talks Her Beef With Carla

Ramona Rizzo appeared on Blogtalkradio's #Haveaseat and she spilled some tea on the drama between Carla and Love and also explained HER beef with her. She says that Carla has been talking crap about her family and that is why she and Karen immediately went in on her at the reunion. She also says the reunion show took five hours and everything was building up between them. She also confirmed Carla did called the cops and tried file a case when the fight happened with Love. Lastly, she says Carla has done hateful things on set.  So basically, she is team Love.  She also did not like how Carla went after Renee when held that butter knife and called her a junkie.

She says that she is most likely will return for season 4 which already has been confirmed and explain that the reason why she and Big Ang are not the credits is because VH1 does not want to spend their money. 

Listen to interview:

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Love Majewski Talks About Being On 'Mob Wives" and Carla In New Interview

Love Speaks Out

Love Majewski recently did an interview with rockmetalinc and she talks about being on 'Mob Wives'. Now this interview was done before the finale but in the interview she already gave it away that she was no longer was on the show and said she is focusing on new projects. She even shades Carla in the interview by saying she was "hired" to do the show. She reveals that the producers used ONE footage of her being concerned with Carla and spread it out throughout the season to make it look like that she all she cared about when in actuality, she didn't really cared for her. She also says the producers did not show her doing other things designing her own product line and doing charities. She also reveals that Carla blocked her followers and suspend them on twitter and says she needs to get a life. 

She also did not realize that most of the episode titles used her name is a negative way. This is a good interview. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dr. Drew To Host 'Mob Wives 3' Reunion Show + Love Confirms Departure

Dr Drew Hosting Reunion Show

It has been announced that Dr. Drew will be hosting the 3rd season reunion of Mob Wives which was filmed over the weekend. Dr. Drew is no stranger to hosting reunion shows. He has hosted MTV's "Teen Mom" and even "Celebrity Rehab. Mob Wives the only the VH1 show to have three different reunion hosts each season. Wendy Williams hosted the season 1 reunion and last season, it was The View's Jot Behar.  

Fans who had the chance to go the reunion show and leaked out pics.

One fan described the reunion show as being "crazy"

As for the allegations that Love Mawjewski won't attend the reunion and being dropped from the show. She confirms the that it true. She says that she is  NOT ALLOWED to attend the reunion show and says that she was dropped from the show. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mob Wives' Love Majewski Might NOT Be At Reunion Show

Reunion Show Might Not Have Love

There have been many rumors and allegations that Love might NOT attend the reunion show of the 3rd season and she might have possible got fired from the show all because of her fight with Carla which will air in the finale. Early this week, I posted my video showing a preview  of the fight but be badly edit because of Carla. According to,Insanity Is Reality there have been allegations that Carla filed a police report and threatened to sue VH1 and Jennifer Graziano's production company to make sure that the fight will not air at its entirety.  You can read more on the site. 

 Here are some tweets of fans going off on twitter. Love RTed these tweets. 

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