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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

VH1 Orders New Matchmaking Show Called " Making Mr. Right"

Photo: VH1

Making Mr. Right

Move over Tough Love, a new matchmaking show will debut next year on VH1. This show is called Making Mr. Right, but this show will have a twist. 

According to  VH1

"Three women will pose as matchmakers and offer their services to fourteen men. While the women pretend to find the men suitable dates, they’re actually sizing them up to see which one they’re actually most compatible with, under the guidance of real matchmaking expert April Beyer.

Making Mr. Right is described as a real-life romantic comedy, the ultimate show-within-a-show detailing the process to find a perfect match. In it, the “matchmakers” will give the men makeovers and put them through a series of challenges designed to test not only their dating skills but also to reveal their flaws, coaching them and showing them what it takes to be the perfect partner. Romantic feelings between the “matchmakers” and their subjects may develop, and in the finale, the women reveal their true selves and hope their love is requited. Making Mr. Right is produced by High Noon Entertainment, with Pam Healey and Jim Berger executive producing, Fred Birckhead and Elayne Cilic co-executive producing and Dave Kuba as a consulting producer."

Making Mr. Right airs Jan 6th

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