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Thursday, September 3, 2015

TV NEWS: Nickelodeon Working To Reboot 'Rugrats, 'Hey Arnold' and More Shows

Is 'Rugrats' and 'Hey Arnold' Coming Back?

The 90's TV trend continues with the recent news of Kel Michell returning to Nickelodeon with a new TV sow called Game Shakers which premieres soon, the network is now considering to reboot its old 90s shows such as Rugrats, Hey Arnold and even recent ones like 'Victorous'

Nickelodeon President Russel Hicks recently told that they thinking about new ideas on how to bring old shows in a 'fresh new way'

 "We are looking at our library to bring back ideas, shows that were loved, in a fresh new way. We are getting ready to bring back some of the ones they’ve told us multiple times they want to have brought back."

Monday, July 13, 2015

TV NEWS: 'All That' Star Kel Mitchell Is Returning To Nickelodeon In New TV Show

Kel Mitchell Returning To Nickelodeon

The 90's trend still continues! Nickelodeon is bringing back one its 90s stars, Kel Mitchell!. Kel is best known for being castmember on All That, along with Keanan Thompson who both got their own Kenan and Kel. it has been reported that Kel is returning to the network for a TV show called Game shakers which is about him as a rapper superstar name Double G starting a gaming company. The show will be produced by the Dan Schneider who is the same producer who created other Nickelodeon shows like iCarly, Victorous and of course All That and Keanan and Kel.

Kel Mitchell Game Shakers 
Photo/ Nickelodeon

Dan Scheider tells how he got Kel to do the project. 

"A couple of years ago I was writing an episode of ‘Sam & Cat.’ There was a guest star role for an eccentric rap artist and business mogul, named Peezy B. When I was telling Ariana Grande (who starred in ‘Sam & Cat’) about the episode and the role of the rap mogul, I mentioned the idea of Kel Mitchel playing the part.  Ariana got crazy excited. I didn’t realize she was such a huge Kel Mitchell fan…Kel played the role and he was brilliantly funny. Then, a year or so later, when I was creating my new show, ‘Game Shakers,’ there was a similar role for a regular character named Double G. I asked Kel if he’d be into the idea of doing a weekly television series, playing this crazy, fun, big character. And now, it’s happening."


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