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Saturday, October 10, 2009

VH1 to do a reality show about people with OCD

Having OCD is kind of an adorable ‘quirk’ when you’re, say, Monk. But that’s the Hollywood version.

Now we’re going to get an unscripted version.

VH1 is producing a reality show featuring people who suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder, according to Variety.

The series will follow a group of patients with severe forms of the disease–and force them all to live together as they undergo treatment.

“Our viewers will see something of themselves in these patients as I think everyone has a little bit of OCD, making it surprisingly relatable,” says Jeff Olde, VH1’s senior VP of programming. “We want to open people’s eyes and hearts to a very real side of this disorder that can often ruin careers and relationships.”

The cable network seems to be turning into the self-help channel. The OCD project joins the rehabilitation series “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew” and its upcoming spinoff, “Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew.”

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