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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Omarion and Apryl Will NOT Be Returning To 'LHHH' For Season 3

 Omarion and Apryl NOT Returning

It's been officially confirmed that 'LHHH' couple Omarian and Apryl will NOT be returning for the show's 3rd season. @LHHTea tweeted today that Apryl confirmed the news to Essence Live

The couple barely was on this season and did not show up at the reunion. Apryl is currently pregnant with her second child.  

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Omarian and Apryl Announces They Are Expecting Their Second Child

Omarian and Apryl Expecting

'Love and Hip hop: Hollywood' couple has announced this week thay are expecting baby #2  and it's a girl! Omarian posted an Instagram video of the Ultra sound when he found out the the baby will be girl with the caption My lil princess in on the way

the couple already have son together name Megga which we saw Apryl giving birth last season 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

UPDATE: Omarion Responds To Baby DNA Test Rumors

Omarion Responds To Rumors

Omarion has responded on Instagram today about the rumors that he wasn't the father of his newborn son. Last week, reports came out that he asked Apryl for a DNA test after his mother Leslie put a bug on his ear that the baby looked bi-racial.

Joked on Instagram refrencing Maury saying 'You are the father.

I told Megaa...>Son, they think someone else is your dad. He said {LOL} Maury said YOU ARE THE FATHER

This is obviously another publicity stunt for the show

Thursday, October 16, 2014

GOSSIP: Omarion Breaks Up With Apryl Over DNA Test?!

This might spoiler for the show . Word on the street is that Omarion's baby might not be even his and dumped her! Black media reports his mother has been starting even drama by convincing him that his baby 'looks bi-racial' and she also mentions Apyl's ex is Mexican.

The bug in his ear convinced to do a DNA test in which Apryl got offended and this whole thing was caught on camera!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Celeb: Singer Omarion Arrested and Jailed Over A Traffic Ticket

"Don't Be Black and Have Tattoos"

Former B2k and Love and Hip Hop: LA cast member Omarion was arrested and jailed for failing to appear in court over a traffic ticket.

TMZ reports the police ran his license plate number when he pulled over for running stop and the police found found he failed to pay a traffic ticket in court and arrested him. His bail is set in 20,000.

Omarion did tweets about his arrested and he says cops asked him stereotypical questions "are you in a gang" and he says "don't be black and tattoos"

Friday, April 18, 2014

'Love and Hip Hop LA' Official Cast!

Who's Joining The Cast?

Reality: The debut season of Love and Hip Hip LA has started the end of last month and now the official cast leaking out. We all know Ray-J, Teairra Marie and Princess Love will be part of the cast but who else joins them? has leaked the possible cast and new information about the new  spin off show. Apparently, Former B2K member Omarion and his baby mother Apry Jones has joined the LA cast, as well as rapper Yung Berg who was featured in Ray-J's hit song "Sexy Can I" ( pictured above)

Hey Zach,
VH-1 and Mona Scott-Young have started filming their new spin-off “Love & Hip-Hop LA” on March 31st. I told you last year about the prospected cast, but the official cast, which have all now signed a contract to film, are Ray-J, Omarion, Yung Berg, Teairra MarĂ­(Ray-J’s ex girlfriend), Princess Love (Ray-J’s current girlfriend),Yesi Ortiz (Power 106 DJ), Morgan Hardman (Ray-J’s assistant),Miss Joie (Bow Wow’s baby mother), and Apryl Jones (Omarion’sbaby mother) are filming “Love & Hip-Hop LA”. Once your site leaked the information first, I told you Mona was upset because she was in negotiations with trying to get Karrueche and a few more recognizedd ladies involved in this city spin-off, but could not lock the deals in because the ladies backed out after it hit the internet.

Months ago, it was reported that singer Brooke Valentine was going to join the cast, but it looks like she isn't joining the cast. However, Yesi Ortiz ( who was rumored before) is joining. She is the radio DJ for Pwer 106. The site also confirms that Ray-J's assistant Morgan Hardman is also part of the cast. Cocktial  confirmed early this week that it was her who in that fighting video. Bow Wow's baby mother , Miss Joie is also joining.

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