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Monday, October 12, 2015

Yung Berg Gets Plea Deal For Allegedly Attacking Masika Tucker Last Year

 Yung Berg Gets A Plea Deal

Some update news regarding the cast between Yung berg and Masika. If you remember last year, it was reported that Yung Berg allegedly beat up his then girlfriend Masika at a NY hotel right filming the season 1 reunion show of LHHH after he found his credit card was declined. However, Masika denied any domestic dispute. 

 Bossip exclusively reports now that he has been granted a plea deal for the case ans has been ordered to attend an intervention program in nYC. The judge has also extended a protection order between the two of themunt il February of 2016.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Masika Has Now Moved On To Gloria Govan's Ex Matt Barnes?

Masika and Matt Barnes?

'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' star Masika ha sno chill. Just weeks after she posted a photo of Justin Bieber in her bed, she has now been seen with Gloria Govan's now ex Matt Barnes.  The Shade Room exclusively reports that she was leaving #PenthouseSunday with Matt Barnes.

I just SEENT #MasikaKalysha get in #MattBarnes matte black s series (Benz) after leaving #PenthouseSunday πŸ˜© . Fact, not rumor! πŸ’

and it seems like her and Yung Berg are done. He saying he shaded her on twitter saying he does not want to be with a girl who sells pussy.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Yung Berg Responds To Abuse and Gay Allegations On Breakfast Club.. WATCH HERE

Yung Berg Talks Abuse and Gay Rumors

'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood" star Yung Berg is finally speaking out about the abuse and gay allegations on The Breakfast Club today. Angela Yee asked him the abuse allegations with Masika and he says that there was 'no abuse' he credit card rumor is not true and he says 'someone from the hotel called the police not Masika'

He also speaks out about Ray-J's manager calling him out for being gay on Instagram he says Ray-J put his manager up to saying he was gay because Ray-J felt some kind of way that Yung Berg was woeking with Teairra Marie producing her song "Deserve"

Watch Here:

Monday, December 8, 2014

HOT TEA: Ray-J's Manager Exposes Yung Berg Of Being Gay

Ray-J's Manager Exposes Yung Berg

In the lastest news involving Yung Berg, Ray-J's manager name Cash Jones, who goes by Wack100 on twitter exposed Yung Berg of being gay. 

He posted  an Instagram message claiming he walked in the studio of him screwing male teenager.. WTF?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Yung Berg's Baby Mama Beanna McFerren Speaks Out

Yung Berg's Baby Mama Speaks Out

As some of you might know that Yung Berg has an 11-year old son in which he has been accused of being a deadbeat father of his baby mama name Beanna.

She finally spoke out in exclusive interview and she reveals that her relationship was 'just a a hook up'

"I met Yung Berg when we were like 18-years-old back in Chicago was just a hook up type-thing; it wasn’t nothing serious. He was pretty boy  and I felt like I was a pretty girl. He came at me and ofcourse I responded, because you know, he was cute at the time. "

She she found out she was pregnant, Yung Berg told her that he wasn't ready to be a father and left her. She tried to contact him over the years about her son. She says the last time she spoke with him was five years ago.

I contacted him and I said listen, “I’m such & such from Chicago; sent him a picture of my son and all of this. He said
 “giveme second, let me see.” He then contacted me back and
 said“that baby doesn’t look anything like me.” And I said “you’re crazy.”

She also reveals that her son is autistic and she says she does not speak ill of yung berg in front of him. She also reveals that she got a phone call to be invited at the 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood reunion with DNA test results proving that he is father.

Listen Here


Friday, November 14, 2014

Masika Says Yung Berg Did NOT Beat Her Up.. READ HERE

'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood: star Masika Tucker is breaking her silence exclusively Sister 2 Sister magazine about the hotel incident that happened between her and Yung Berg hours after the taping of the reunion.  Initially, it was reported that Yung Berg was arrested for beating up Masika after he found out is credit card was decline

She tells the magazine that 'it was not an abusive situation'. 'The only abuse he has is alcohol abuse'.  

"It was not an abuse situation. He did not attack me; he did not knock me out. He did not beat me up, none of that happened,” said Masika who could not confirm reports that Berg has been fired from the show.“He was very drunk. It was to the point where he didn’t really know his bearings,” she said. “He needs to be focused on getting these charges dropped and getting the drinking under control.”

She also speaks out Hazel E's 'karma' response by calling her 'nasty and evil'

“It’s just ridiculous. It just shows the level of class these women do not have,” “There are some really, sick twisted individuals…nasty, evil people who really have no home training.”

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Yung Berg Gets Fired From 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood; Vh1 Releases Statement

Yung Berg Gets Fired

It was announced yesterday that rapper Yung Berg has been fired from 'Love and Hip hop: Hollywood after it was reported that he put his hands on Masika by grabbing her hair and choking her right after filming the reunion show at a hotel in NYC.

VH1 has officially released a statement confirming that Masika was the victim and he has been terminated from the show

Based on the severity of the allegations against Yung Berg, VH1 is terminating its relationship with him in connection with Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, effective immediately.Yung Berg was arrested on November 5th and charged with criminal obstruction of breathing in connection with an assault on fellow cast member Masika Tucker.The arrest took place in a New York hotel several hours after the taping of the reunion special for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood had wrapped.

Some people agree with the descision but some think if he is going to get fired by putting hsi hands on people then people like Joseline and Erica Mena as well.

What do you think?

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yung Berg Arrested For Choking Masika; Princess Love Fights Morgan At Reunion

Yung Berg Chokes Masika

What is up with these' 'Love and Hip Hop" men hitting on women? Joe Budden, Ray-J (allegedly) and now Yung Berg. Rapper Yung Berg was arrested and taken into custody today for choking Masika. The incident happened at a hotel in New York where the cast was the filming the reunion show of 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood'

The reason behind it is so petty. TMZ reports is was because his credit car declined after he try to pay a bill after a booze filled night. Masika told she payed the bill and that's when he grabbed hair, choked her and threw her in the bed. Yung Berg was arrested for 'obstruction of breathing'. But Masika is defending him by blaming it on the alcohol.

Speaking about the reunion show, there was a fight that broke out between Ray-J's girl Princess and Ray-J's assistant Mogan Hardman during the taping of the show. It started Morgan was 'bad mouthing' Ray-J for abusiing her and taking her son of a the basketball team out of revenge. That's when Princess Love knocked her out.

Morgan posteda photo on her Instagram page showing her hand wrapped in a bandage. She writes:

'The truth hurts sometimes with every lie they tell I'm gonna tell the truth just no that. Dark souls stay way away from me πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ not watch me work'

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Masika Speaks On Dating Yung Berg and Her Beef With Hazel E

Masika Speaks Speaks On Yung Berg

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star Maskia is speaking exclusively to about now being Yung Berg. They were seen holding hands recently and next week on the show we will see them hooking up. She reveals to the site that their relationship is NOT new. They have known each other for four years and have been filming the show for eight months with footage that don't make it on air.

"I will say about that is what you haven’t seen yet is that me and Berg have been friends for about four years. He was one of the very first people I met when I moved to L.A. Um, we’ve been filming for 8 months and in those 8 months, there is so much footage that never makes it to TV,” “So at the beginning of the season, you don’t see me and Berg together at all. But um, you gotta stay tuned to see what happens with that, but again, Berg actually is and was the only friend I had on the cast before we started, so you know.”

She also says that Hazel E is insecure, jealous and irrelevant. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' Castmember Yung Berg Does Not Regret Dark Skin Woman Comment

'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' cast member and rapper Yun Berg was asked during a Q&A session for the premiere of the show if regret the anti- dark skin woman comment he made five years ago 

"I'm kinda racist...I don't like dark butts...You know how some women prefer light skin men or dark skin men.  It's rare that I do dark butts - that's what I call dark-skinned women.  I [don't date women darker] than me.  I love the pool test.  If you can jump in the pool exactly like you are and you don't come out looking better than you looked before going in the pool - then that's not a good look. Any woman that uses brown gel to set down her baby hair is not poppin!"

When he was asked about the dark skin woman comment during the press conference, he responded

"You may hate me or have an opinion about me, but you've been in your car listening to records that I've written or produced. So I really get the chuckle at that. Now I'm laughing." 

Friday, April 18, 2014

'Love and Hip Hop LA' Official Cast!

Who's Joining The Cast?

Reality: The debut season of Love and Hip Hip LA has started the end of last month and now the official cast leaking out. We all know Ray-J, Teairra Marie and Princess Love will be part of the cast but who else joins them? has leaked the possible cast and new information about the new  spin off show. Apparently, Former B2K member Omarion and his baby mother Apry Jones has joined the LA cast, as well as rapper Yung Berg who was featured in Ray-J's hit song "Sexy Can I" ( pictured above)

Hey Zach,
VH-1 and Mona Scott-Young have started filming their new spin-off “Love & Hip-Hop LA” on March 31st. I told you last year about the prospected cast, but the official cast, which have all now signed a contract to film, are Ray-J, Omarion, Yung Berg, Teairra MarΓ­(Ray-J’s ex girlfriend), Princess Love (Ray-J’s current girlfriend),Yesi Ortiz (Power 106 DJ), Morgan Hardman (Ray-J’s assistant),Miss Joie (Bow Wow’s baby mother), and Apryl Jones (Omarion’sbaby mother) are filming “Love & Hip-Hop LA”. Once your site leaked the information first, I told you Mona was upset because she was in negotiations with trying to get Karrueche and a few more recognizedd ladies involved in this city spin-off, but could not lock the deals in because the ladies backed out after it hit the internet.

Months ago, it was reported that singer Brooke Valentine was going to join the cast, but it looks like she isn't joining the cast. However, Yesi Ortiz ( who was rumored before) is joining. She is the radio DJ for Pwer 106. The site also confirms that Ray-J's assistant Morgan Hardman is also part of the cast. Cocktial  confirmed early this week that it was her who in that fighting video. Bow Wow's baby mother , Miss Joie is also joining.

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