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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mama Joyce:" I Want A Peach For Season 7"

Reality:  Mama Joyce has revealed new  a interview that she wants to officially join the cast of "Real Housewives of Atlanta for season 7.

She was asked if Bravo was going to cast member, Mama Joyce replied she should. She says she was an important element last season.

Well, me! Maybe not a Housewife, but something! I should have a peach, don’t you think? I think I was a very important part of this last season.”

She also reveals that she wasn't drunk during the reunion show.

“For anyone that was misunderstood, that was my normal personality. I’m a happy person. I’m happy all the time. Now, last year they may have caught me with a bad mood … So for those who thought I had been drinking, they are sadly mistaken. I do not drink, I do not smoke, and I have never done any drugs. That was just me being me. And in the future if they see me on the show, they’ll see me being me. I’m just kookoo crazy!”

Source: WetPaint

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