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Friday, July 18, 2014

VIDEO: Apollo Nida Calls Out Pheadrea For Not Supporting Him In New Interview

Heading For Divorce?

Apollo Nida did new radio interview with B 100 radio station before he sentenced to eight years for identity theft. In the video interview below, he calls his wife Pheadrea for not even showing up for his sentencing. He believes she will divorce and wait 8 years for him to get out.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Apollo Nida Responds To Angela Stanton's Accusations About Him and Pheadrea

"It's All lies"

Reality:  Apollo Nida is speaking out in a new Q&A interview with 
Sister 2 Sister magazine about the accusations Angela Stanton made in her book "Housewives". She claims that him and Pheadrea were involved  in a criminal enterprise before they both joined Real Housewives Of Atlanta

She’s never been indicted with me; she’s never been indicted with Phaedra; she’s never been indicted for racketeering. At the end of the day, how are you claiming that you were indicted on a federal racketeeringcharge when that’s a lie? You’re saying that you dealt with Phaedra on checks the 2nd and 3rd; that’s a lie.'
So she felt like “Oh, I don’t have any money, so let me call Phaedra,” because I knew her through Drama. “Let me call her to represent me.”
Angela’s pissed. “You m*therf*ckers are stars now. What?” At that point, she just went ballistic. She’s calling up there. So this is a situation where me and Phaedra always talk. I said to her—back then, when this was happening, I want to say 2010—”Let’s sit down and talk to her.” “No.” Phaedra, that’s how she is and that’s probably part of where we are to this point in a lot of things because sometimes in life, if you have a mate, you have to compromise. My thing was, hey, I like to attack confrontation head-on.
Right. So she puts this book out and says all this crazy stuff and just tries to, I guess, make herself famous in her own way. S#@t, I’ve been waiting on my opportunity to go to court and face that lady because I know the truth. I was the person who was there, so it’s nothing you can say that goes around me.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Gossip: Did Nene and Pheadra Set Up Porsha?; Kenya Responds To Brawl

Porsha Fired? 

Reality:  Did Nene and Pheadra set up Porsha to be potentially fired from the show? Yesterday, we heard about the brawl that happened between her and Kenya during the taping of the reunion show. reports have come out today that she might be fired because of it. TMZ says Bravo has zero tolerence for violence .

But was she set up by Nene and Pheadra? Tamartattles reports that Nene and Pheadra's ear about fighting Kenya at the reunion show adding that in order to her contract in fear of letting go, she needs o turn up at the reunion to save her job and now she might be fire because of what she did.

The site also adds that the sex toys on stage was fabricated but Kenya did push her buttons about her marriage during the reunion.

Kenya went to twitter saying that she does not fight

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