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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brandi Says Sundy's Boyfriend Put His Hands On Her During Reunion Fight

Reality:  On Monday night, we've seen the Basketball Wives LA reunion show ( which i'm glad was only one part ) and that fight between Sundy and Brandi which of course got cut off.

But what happened during the fight, Brandi tweeted that Sundy's "pussy" 20 year old boyfriend put her hands on her during the fight.


Jackie Christie also spoke the fight in a new interview with The Scoop and also says that her boyfriend put her hands on her

Brandi, in between all the chaos, she makes it around the group and tries to run at Sundy, but I’m protecting Sundy and the whole group of her family got around her and some of the people that I brought. You know I had a few people I invited. Well then, all of a sudden one of Malaysia’s aunts, or somebody, cousins, somebody ran around Malaysia, and was like, ‘I want Jackie Christie’. So I’m like, ‘well, here I am’. So the next thing you know, I just remember going crazy, you know, getting the guards off of me, security was holding me, you know, I just blacked out. So I didn’t see the actual blows being thrown, but Sundy told me that she swung a shoe and hit Brandi with the shoe in her face. I don’t know because I didn’t see it, but I do know that it was straight chaos. It was a free-for-all. People were fighting, Sundy’s boyfriend grabbed Brandi up, you know, and told her ‘you’re not going to touch her.’ She was cursing at him; it was crazy. People were fighting, camera guys got hit by accident trying to film. It was an all out brawl pretty much.

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