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Friday, June 21, 2013

Woman Claims She Was Raped At Ray-J's Home

Well this is interesting. A woman claims she raped and got pregnant during a house party at Ray-J's home.  The name of the woman has not been released by RadarOnline reports she filed a police report on June 11th but Ray J is not considered a suspect.

Here is what the site says:

“While at Ray Jay’s house, victim hung with suspect’s friends [unknown name]. The friend left after a few minutes and victim began talking to suspect one. Victim excused herself to use the restroom. Suspect followed victim into the restroom.
“As Victim was attempting to close the restroom door, suspect one forced the door open and entered. He approached victim and hugged her. Victim pushed suspect one away and said, ‘no, no.’”
“You don’t want to give me that,” the suspect is alleged to have said.
To which the victim said she responded: “No, I don’t even know you. I have a boyfriend.”
According to the woman’s version of events, the suspect continued to force himself upon her.
“He then turned her around and grabbed victim from behind and placed her hands on the sink,” the report alleges.
“Suspect held victim tightly with one hand and pulled her pants down with the other. He pulled her pants down to just below he buttocks and forced her to bend over. Suspect one then exposed his erect penis and had forced intercouse with victim. Suspect ejaculated inside victim as he did not use a condom.
“When suspect one finished, he pulled up his pants and walked out of the restroom without saying a word. Victim said she [was] disoriented afterwards and attempted to gather her thoughts. When she turned to exit the restroom, she saw suspect two on his knees in front of her."

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