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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Top 5 Most Shocking Reality Star Deaths.. Simone Battle, Ryan Jenkins and More

 Top 5 Reality Star Deaths

We here about shock celebrity deaths every year but what about shocking reality star deaths? I made a video a compile list of the 5 reality star deaths that took us by surprise

5) Gia Allamend (The Bachelor)  Gia Allemend appeared on Jake Pelveka;s season of The Bachelor making it the 2nd place. She then later appeared on the Bachelor Pad. She commited suicide at age 29 on August 14, 2013 after an argument with her boyfriend

4) Simone Battle (X Factor) Simone Battle appeared on first of the U.s version the X Factor in 2011, then joined the girl group GRL. She found hanging in her bedroom closet on September 5th, 2014 by her boyfriend. Her death was ruled a suicide due financial issues. Shortly after her death GRL disbanded. She was 25.

3) Michael Johns (American Idol) Michael Johna appeared on American Idol in 2008 He made it to 8th place as a finalist. After the show, he released an album in 2009. On August 1st 2014, Michael Johns died of dilated cardiomyophathy which also caused his heart to enlarge. It was initially reported that he died from blood clots in his ankle. He was the first ever American Idol finalist to pass away.

2) Ryan Jenkins (Megan Wants A Millionaire) Now this happened exactly 6 years ago this month. Ryan Jenkins was contestant on Megan Hauserman's spin-off VH1 dating Megan Wants Millionaire in 2009 but the show was cancelled after 3 episodes when it reported that he was a suspect of murdering his 28 year old wife Jasmine Fiore when she was found stuffed in suitcase in a dumpster.  Ryan Jenkins flee to Canada where he commited suicide at a hotel room.

1) Jenni Rivera (I Love Jenni) Jenni Rivera was  well knoen Mexican-American singer in the Latin community. She starred in her ow reality show called 'I Love Jenni' in Mun2. On December  9th, 2012.. she, along with three other people was killed in plane crash in Mexico which made national headlines.

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