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Monday, August 24, 2009

Real Chance Of Love 2: Episode 4 Recap

Alighty! so episode 4 started off with another phone call from Blonde Baller, her "male friend" was shot in a upperclass neighborhood in Michigan. Which I think is a bit fishy. If my friend was shot I would leave immediatly, she did not even cry that much either. As for the challenge, one of the most weirdest challenges that I ever seen on any VH1 dating show "The Yeti Challenge" The girls had to team up to find "bigfoot" which was really Micha (Real & Chance's younger brother)in a bigfoot suit lol The team that captures "bigfoot" first wins. Baker,PS,Blonde Baller,Doll & Junk won the challenge. Baker & Doll got one on one dates with their men. Once again a fortune teller appeared on this episode, another VH1 dating show clique & Doll revealed that she lost her parents at a young age.The next day PS,Blonde Baller & Junk got their dates & poor Blonde Baller, she had to go on a date with 2 chicks that hates her lol & of course Junk put her on blast saying that she is lying about all the stuff she is saying , then PS imitated Sassy & they were talking about Sassy behind her back, Blonde Baller told Sassy about it, & Sassy was pissed off. Apple being the shy girl that she is tried to step up her game by cooking a "sexy" breakfast for Real another VH1 dating show clique lol. At the pool Junk once again was talking crap about Blonde Baller to the other chicks, Blonde Baller had enough if it & it was a Blonde Baller VS Junk brawl at the pool. At the end Apply went home & Chance decided to keep both Junk & Blonde Baller just to get to the bottom of this drama.


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