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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tashera Simmons Speaks On Erica Mena's Abusive Relationship With Terror Squad Member

Tashera Simmons Releases New Book

Celebrity News: DMX;s estranged wife, Tashera Simmons, has released a new book about her toxic relationship with the rapper. She talks exclusively to Bossip about the new book and she also talks Erica Mena's past abusive relationship with a Terror Squad member.

Here is what she says about it

Yes, this was before [she was on Love & Hip Hop]. She was with someone famous out of the Terror Squad and we were all in a famous producer’s house out in Miami. And I was
witnessing her get beat really bad and no one would do anything, including my ex-husband and all his friends. So, I jumped in and tried to break it up because he was really pounding on her. And by me trying to do that, it made X have to jump in and pull me out of it and out of a room where I was basically fighting them trying to get back in and help her. And she always held that for years before she was even “reality star” Erica Mena.

I wound up running into her at a fashion show and they were like “Erica Mena wants to see you.” And I didn’t know who she was because I don’t really watch much TV but, she came over crying. And I’ve met a lot of women who’ve come up to me crying and saying that I’m an inspiration so, I thought that’s what she was doing. But she said “you don’t remember me?” And I’m like “no.” And she said “I’m the girl that was getting beat up and you jumped in and helped me.” And then I remembered and I was like “Oh my god.” And she said “before you did that, I thought that it was ok to get beat because no one told me. I felt like I was supposed to do what my man says to do.” And she said that he beat her that day because she didn’t serve him first and when I jumped in, she said she realized that it was not right. And that really touched me.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Linda Hogan Signs on To VH1's Relationship Rehab

First DMX, now Linda Hogan and her 23 year old boyfriend will be on the show. TMZ Reports the following.

Sources close to production tell us, Linda and literal boyfriend Charlie Hill have agreed to appear on the upcoming reality show, hoping to fix their crumbling relationship -- and taping is already underway.

Monday, November 21, 2011

DMX and His Estranged Wife To Appear On "Relationship Rehab" With Dr. Drew

Relationship Rehab Here We Come!

Rapper DMX and his estranged wife Tashera Simmons have agreed to appear on "Relationship Rehab" with Dr. Drew according to TMZ. The the show will be spin off of "Celebrity Rehab" , and it will begin filming in December. The show will have celebrities dealing with their marriage troubles. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Relationship Rehab Coming to VH1?

TMZ Reports even though Celebrity Rehab is Now over. VH1 wants to keep Dr. Drew so they are working on a new show. TMZ says producers are thinking of a relationship rehab show. What do you know the top Name is Relationship Rehab.

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