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Monday, March 31, 2014

Was The Benzino Shooting Staged For A Storyline? #sideeye

Was It Staged?

Reality: Over the weekend, we were shocked to find out that Benzino was shot at his mother's funeral. I was was really shocked to find out about it and hoped it was oka. But I started noticing more Instagram selfies of him lying in the hospital. Youtuber, Lovelyti thinks that this was staged and got me thinking about it. If you got shot shouldn't you more concern with just healing rather than taking Instagram pics? I understand taking ONE picture to just let everyone know you're alive but now they are literally more pics of him in the hosipital with different people besides his bed posing. Now it just looks staged.

Notice in this two pics, the bandage in his right arm and the pic with Steve J , the bandage is now in his left arm?

He's also now giving a interview in the hospital about what happened.

Do you think this was staged for a storyline next season? Apparently I'm not the only who thinks this. Check some of these tweets.

Nothing surprises me with the people of Love and Hip Hop

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