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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sean Kingston Talks Dating Evelyn's Daughter Shaniece

Sean Talks Dating Evelyn's Daughter

Sean Kingston recently appeared on The Breakfast Club to discuss a few topics. One in particular was dating Evelyn's daughter, Shaneice. He says that he needed her after watching her on "Basketball Wives" when she decided which college she wanted to go to.

"Now her, a similar thing. I seen her on the show. She was looking for a school or an apartment. I was like I need her."

He also discussed about the rumors that he dated Rihanna. He explained that his relationship with her is more like a brother and sister type. He also expplained what really happened when he had that jet ski accident two years ago that almost ended his life. 

"Basically, the tide got high. I was new to the high land. I really didn’t know the water. This time I went out like five or five-thirty. It was crazy, I was knocked unconscious. He said my eyes was rolling back. It just really made me just appreciate the small things. Before I was ‘turnt’. It may me slow down and just appreciate–everything can be gone tomorrow."

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