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Monday, October 5, 2015

Japanese Singer Joins 'Bad Girls Club' Season 15 Cast

 'Bad Girls Club' 15 Starts Filming

 Early this year, it was announced that the 15th season of Bad Girls Club was heading a different direction. Instead of having different cast members who don't know each other, season 15 will be a sister season and one of the cast members is actually well and Japanese duo name 'Millionaires' It's been said they will be on the show as replacements. Their names are Melissa and Allison


Meanwhile, @BGCtea has revealed the original cast. Most of the are twins and there now 10 girls in the house


Friday, May 1, 2015

HOT TEA: 'Bad Girls Club' Season 15 To Be About Sisters

Season 15 To Be About Sisters?

Bad Girls Club season 14 has not even aired yet, let alone officially wrapped filming and the producers are already setting their eyes for a 15th season of the show. Thanks to @JoeyBGCblogger he post an casting application on Facebook and it shows that the producers are looking for sisters.

What do you think the producers going in a different direction for season 15? 

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